Visit At Phidippides Running Center

I asked my daughter, Jovelle to bring me to the Phidippides Running Center in Encino, California without any plans of buying any running apparel or accessories. This store was where I bought my ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8 and my lumbar Nathan Water Belt last December 2006. This is the only running store in the Los Angeles area where you can buy everything or anything about running to include accessories.

There are ASICS running apparels but the store don’t have my size. I tried their Brooks running apparel but their sizes are big. There were at least five customers who were inside the store and constantly being attended by their staff. A lady staff approached me and offered to help me but I told her that I am still thinking what to buy in the said store. My daughter is a known customer in the said store and she had some conversation with one of the lady staff. A tall Singaporean guy was there also looking at the running apparels and I heard him telling to the sales staff that he is training for the Singapore Marathon this December.

I ended buying a Nathan Hand-held water jug, runner’s cap with extended cover for the nape and replacement shoe laces for my running shoes while my daughter bought a running shorts and pepper sprays.

This was a pose infront of the Phidippides Running Center in Encino, California.

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