Day #3: P90X (Shoulders & Arms; Ab Ripper X)

I prepared two 10-lb dumbbells, a chair and a mat for this session of exercises which is concentrated on the shoulders, arms and the abdominal muscles.

My workout started with the usual light cardio warm-up exercises and stretching exercises like marching in place, running in place, jumping jacks and arm raises. It was followed by stretching on the neck, shoulders, arms, and chest muscles.

I used a lighter weight to cope up with the tempo of the demonstrators but I had to do more repetitions in the process. The whole Shoulder & Arms workout consists of twelve (12) exercises but they are divided into four (4) segments with 3 exercises. Each segment is repeated twice. Basically, the exercises were concentrated on the lifting of the dumbbells above the head; from the sides of the body to the shoulders; dumbbell arms’ flexion/curls and extension exercises for the biceps and the triceps of the arms; and dumbbell flys (seated and standing).

What made this workout challenging on my part was the higher number of repetitions I’ve done more than what the demonstrators had done in each exercise and I drenched my muscle shirt with my sweat but lesser this time as compared with my sweat during my plyometrics. 

Having been exposed to gym workouts for almost five years, the dumbbell exercises were easy to follow, however, there were new variations in some of the exercises that gave a degree of difficulty and challenge.

The shoulders and arms workout was finished in one hour to include the warm-up and the cool-down exercises. As a result, my shoulder and arm muscles “puffed out” and more defined.

After a brief rest, the DVD/demonstrators proceeded with the Ab Ripper X workout. The workout has eleven (11) abdominal exercises and they are done continouosly with a brief rest in-between transition (30 seconds). All the exercises were done with the use of my daughter’s yoga mat and the positions were either seated or lying down on my back.

This was my first time to experience these exercises for the abdominal muscles! I was doing fine with the first 3 exercises where I could do at least 20 repetitions but for the succeeding eight (8) exercises, I was struggling to reach 6-8 repetitions. On my 4th exercise, I was already sweating as if I ran a 5K distance under the heat of the sun! The workout really “ripped” my abdominals! The workout lasted for only sixteen (16) minutes but it was really a “killer”! I was just glad the workout finished within a shorter period. The workout terminated with yoga’s “cobra pose” and later the “child’s pose”.

Tomorrow will be the Yoga X workout.

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