Day #3: P90X (Shoulders & Arms; Ab Ripper X)

12 08 2008

I prepared two 10-lb dumbbells, a chair and a mat for this session of exercises which is concentrated on the shoulders, arms and the abdominal muscles.

My workout started with the usual light cardio warm-up exercises and stretching exercises like marching in place, running in place, jumping jacks and arm raises. It was followed by stretching on the neck, shoulders, arms, and chest muscles.

I used a lighter weight to cope up with the tempo of the demonstrators but I had to do more repetitions in the process. The whole Shoulder & Arms workout consists of twelve (12) exercises but they are divided into four (4) segments with 3 exercises. Each segment is repeated twice. Basically, the exercises were concentrated on the lifting of the dumbbells above the head; from the sides of the body to the shoulders; dumbbell arms’ flexion/curls and extension exercises for the biceps and the triceps of the arms; and dumbbell flys (seated and standing). Read the rest of this entry »

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