Brooks-Hansons Distance Project

Have you heard of the “Brooks-Hansons Distance Project”?

In 1999, brothers Kevin and Keith Hanson, both runners, made distance running to a new level of training and exposure by creating the “Brooks-Hansons Distance Project” which is considered as the first grassroots training team that reinvigorated the sports of running in the United States. Today, the Brooks-Hansons Running Team has gone on to become the premier American running team, providing the rare opportunity for the country’s best post-collegiate athletes to live in a supportive, training-focused environment where they are able to pursue Olympic dreams.

As each member of the team carry their goal for a spot in the US Olympic Team, they receive employment, housing, coaching, health care and running gear, obviously from Brooks & Saturn Cars and from the generosity of the Hanson Brothers.

After nine (9) years, Brian Sell, a member of the said running team, a relatively unknown and small-town runner, was able to finish third (3rd) in the US Men’s Olympic Marathon Trials in 2:11:40 hours and he is now an US Olympian athlete for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

For more information about this running team project, please click here.

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