Olympic Games Qualifying Standards For Track & Field Events

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Athletes qualify for Olympic track and field competition in different ways, according to the guidelines set forth by each individual National Governing Body. Several nations, including the United States, stage Olympic Team Trials. The top three finishers in each event at the U.S. Trials qualify for the Olympics.

The one common factor in Olympic qualification for athletes of all nationalities is the need to reach an “A” or “B” qualifying standard in their respective events within a designated time window. The Beijing Olympic Qualifying Standards are as follows:


U.S. Olympic Track & Field Qualifying Standards


 Qualifying window: September 1, 2006 – July 6, 2008 for marathons, combined events, and race walks. January 1, 2007 – July 6, 2008 for all other events. 
 Men   “A” Standard   “B” Standard   Women   “A” Standard   “B” Standard 
 100m   10.21   10.28   100m   11.32   11.42 
 200m   20.59   20.75   200m   23.00   23.20 
 400m   45.55   45.95   400m   51.55   52.35 
 800m   1:46.00   1:47.00   800m   2:00.00   2:01.30 
 1,500m   3:36.60   3:39.00   1,500m   4:07.00   4:08.00 
 5,000m   13:21.50   13:28.00   5,000m   15:09.00   15:24.00 
 10,000m   27:50.00   28:10.00   10,000m   31:45.00   32:20.00 
 Marathon   2:15:00   2:18:00   Marathon   2:37:00   2:42:00 
 110m Hurdles   13.55   13.72   100m Hurdles   12.96   13.11 
 400m Hurdles   49.20   49.50   400m Hurdles   55.60   56.50 
 3,000m Steeplechase   8:24.60   8:32.00   3,000m Steeplechase   9:46.00   9:55.00 
 20km Walk   1:23:00   1:24:30   20km Walk   1:33:30   1:38:00 
 50km Walk   4:00:00   4:07:00   High Jump   1.95m   1.91m 
 High Jump   2.30m   2.27m   Pole Vault   4.45m   4.30m 
 Pole Vault   5.70m   5.55m   Long Jump   6.72m   6.60m 
 Long Jump   8.20m   8.05m   Triple Jump   14.20m   14.00m 
 Triple Jump   17.10m   16.80m   Shot Put   18.35m   17.20m 
 Shot Put   20.30m   19.80m   Discus   61.00m   59.00m 
 Discus   64.50m   62.50m   Hammer   69.50m   67.00m 
 Hammer   78.50m   74.00m   Javelin   60.50m   56.00m 
 Javelin   81.80m   77.80m   Heptathlon   6,000 points   5,800 points 
 Decathlon   8,000 points   7,700 points          
 Qualifying Guidelines 
 1. Performances must be achieved during the qualification period of January 1, 2007 (September 1, 2006 for marathon events, combined events and race walking events) to July 6, 2008. 
 2. All performances must be achieved during competitions organized or authorized by the IAAF, its Area Associations and its National Member Federations. 
 3. Results achieved at university or school competitions must be certified by the National Federation of the country in which the competition was organized. 
 4. Performances achieved in mixed events between male and female participants, held completely in the stadium, will not be accepted (see IAAF Rule 147). 
 5. Wind-assisted performances will not be accepted. 
 6. Hand timing performances in 100m, 200m, 400m, 110m/100m Hurdles and 400m Hurdles will not be accepted. 
 7. Indoor performances will be accepted. 
 8. A list of qualifying competitions for the Marathons, the Relays and Race Walking Events, which meet with the IAAF’s qualifying criteria, will be produced and approved by the IAAF by February 1, 2007 for the 2007 events and February 1, 2008 for the 2008 events. 
 9. Ages: 
 For the Marathon races and Men’s 50 km Race Walk, senior athletes only (any athlete aged 20 years and over on December 31, 2008) will be accepted. 
 Junior athletes (any athlete aged 18 or 19 years on December 31, 2008) may compete in any event except the Marathon races and the 50 km Race Walk. 
 Youth athletes (any athlete aged 16 or 17 years on December 31, 2008) may compete in any event except the Throws, Decathlon, 10,000m, Marathon and Race Walks. 
 Athletes younger than 16 years of age on December 31, 2008 CANNOT be entered in any event. 


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