Comment From Nolan

Here is a comment of Nolan which he posted on my “Charity Fund” Page which makes his running workouts & road races more significant and meaningful to himself and to others who are in need of our help and support to ease their present conditions.

I am posting this comment in my blog to inform others that runners, aside from having strong and healthy hearts, have a caring heart for others.

Happy running!

Hi Sir Jovie,

Obviously you’re enjoying your stay and your runs there in the US. Good for you Sir, but we’re also missing the Bald Runner in the races here.

Sir, just wuld like you to know that I’ve been one of the runners who followed your lead in aiming for 1000K. I have only logged in 300+ kms though as of this date. I am also giving in 5 pesos for every kilometer that I ran (i’m not as rich as you, Sir -) , and I intend to donate this to a charity institution come christmas time. However, due to the typhoon Frank, I also decided to donate the fund that I already raised for the 300+ Kms that already logged in. Aside from my own fund, I also asked some of my friends to join me with this project; and so far we have already raised 18 thousand pesos+. I already bought some goods amounting to 13800+and brought it to ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kapamilya. Our next donation will be school supplies as requested by the Staff in the donation center.

I am informing you this Sir, because you have been my lead with this project. In spite of the of the difficult times nowadays, we actually feel this is the best times to give to those who are in need, and especially to those that were greatly affected by calamities. I’ll continue the run and the funding up to christmas time, Sir. I’m aming that will just be in time for the completion of my 1000K.

More power to you Bald Runner. We’ll see you soon.


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