Historic Filipinotown Run & “1,000K Club”

The Historic Filipinotown is just a five-minute drive to Downtown Los Angeles and very accessible to distinct and “must-see” places in the city. The streets that surround and intersect the place has lots of low hills/ascending & descending portion where I could do my easy and moderate hill workouts.

I had my 10-km run on these hilly streets, increasing my pace on the uphill and easily jog on the plain area for at least 3-minute recovery run. I made eight (8) repetitions of these uphill runs in the different parts of the district and I miss my running days in the hills of Jamindan.

Distance—10.01 kms  Time—1:05:12 hrs   Ave. Pace—6:30 mins/km

With this run, I was able to finish and reach completion of my “1,000K Club” which I started last 01 March 2008. It took me 4 months and 3 weeks to run such distance with an average run of 52.63 kilometers per week or 32.9 miles per week. It is a very low mileage and below the average mileage for a basic or intermediate competitor but I am glad to have reached this accomplishment. My problem with my “gout/arthritis” had diminished my goal to increase my mileage after my retirement. However, it was a blessing in disguise not for me to abruptly increase my mileage as I could had incurred much damaging injuries to my knees, leg muscles and achilles tendons.

I had officially started my training for my first ultra trail marathon this week and slowly increasing my mileage and making my long steady runs at a slower pace. I had also brought back hill training to my workouts and maintain a regular hydration during runs, taking a sip of water every kilometer that I ran. I hope I will be well-prepared for the challenge in my first ultra run in 4-week preparation.

Going back to my “1,000K Club”, as a reward, I treated myself with a shopping spree at The North Face Store in Beverly Hills (the only TNF store in Los Angeles!) and later at the Patagonia Store in Pasadena, California. I got “Sale” prices for the Summer Clothing apparel (about to be removed from the displayed items) and got new items for the Fall Clothing line which were newly displayed for the week. I guess, I was able to save at least 40% of the price if I buy the goods in the Philippines and of course, have to wait a few months before such items will be available in Manila. I am not sure if I can buy Patagonia, REI, Columbia Sportswear, ASICS apparel, Salomon, Pearl Izumi, or Under Armour in Manila in the near future. 

And now the best part, my wife ordered me a special gift, a complete P90X program, which I will try for my strength and endurance training program. I expect the order to arrive this week or early next week.

I am continuing my “1,000K Club” and aiming for another “1,000K” and we’ll see where my training/running will bring me. Remember, running is about patience, persistence, consistency and “positive” thinking. And always reward yourself for any accomplishment you have done.

“The warrior runner understands that racing is a roller coaster and learns patience to ride the ups and downs; and enjoys running for the pleasure it gives”—From the book “Running Within” by Jerry Lynch & Warren Scott.

8 thoughts on “Historic Filipinotown Run & “1,000K Club”

  1. sfrunner

    Hi BR. I stopped by the TNF store which is one block south (Post St.) from where I work (Sutter St.) in downtown SF today. I was impressed with what they had.

    Anyway, hope everything’s well. Looks like your training is going well. The good news is I’m working Monday through Friday next week. Not working the SF Marathon Expo on Saturday. I’ll see you guys next weekend!


  2. congrats on reaching the 1000k mark. good luck with your ultra training. smart idea to train with hydrating yourself. you may also want to play around with taking electrolytes during your training run since you’ll most likely need to do that during your bulldog 50k.

    enjoy your rewards and your present from your wife.


  3. kingofpots

    wayne, i am having a good time/rest & reacreation here in los angeles and i do my runs in the early evening ( i am glad that sunset here is 8:30 in the evening). however, before that i have some time to go around the malls to browse in performance outfit stores and got to barnes & noble store to buy some books. hope to see you at the expo and during the race day.

    eric, i am reading your blog and it gives me the inspiration to hopefully finish an ultra. i’ve been reading a lot of ultrarunning stories and i am trying to apply the pointers i am getting during my runs. thanks for the advise. well, the items available here in the performance outfit shops/stores and sports programs are seldom available in the philippines, so i am taking advantage of their availability here. nice recap on your latest lake tahoe rim 50 mile run & congrats!


  4. sfrunner

    BR, normally I would go to the expo on Friday to pick everything up. Because the expo was moved to Pier 30-32 near AT&T Park and the expo ends at 6pm Friday, I’ll go and pick up my stuff on Saturday. Before you leave from LA, I’ll give you my phone #s in case you’d like to meet me beforehand.

    I’m planning on being at the Dean Karnazes’ seminar. Hopefully, you’ll see me there. If not, I’ll see you Sunday morning.

    E-rod, I’ll check out your blog.


  5. loonyrunner

    WOW! You’ve already reached 1000 km! I’m still almost 250 kilometers away hehehe It does seem you’re having a lot of fun over there. Running, shopping, and of course being with your family 😀 Lapit na ng Aug 3! Good luck!


  6. kingofpots

    wayne, thanks for the information. hopefully, we’ll be seeing each other on race day. i have to meet some members of the family and firends in san francisco, too!

    loony, that’s a lot of hard work and sweat on the road with my gout, too! i am really taking my time to run, rest, read, make some research and update my blog on a daily basis. you are almost there, too! good luck & happy running.

    jinoe, keep on running and you will get your 1,000K, too!

    mark & tiffin, thanks. i am enjoying my stay here and more time to run in the trails. good luck!


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