Late Afternoon Runs

I started to have my late afternoon runs last Monday, a day after I finished the 2nd Mizuno 15K Run, on the road that extends from Market! Market! and Serendra towards the old Gate 1 of Fort Bonifacio. I will simply call this road as the “International School Road”. I usually start at the crossing near the old Gate 1 and run slightly uphill towards that artificial water falls (One World Church/Ministry) at the corner across the children’s playground of Market! Market! One-way distance of this route is 1.25 kilometers.

Upon reaching the corner at One World Ministry, I have to go back again to where I started. However, the uniqueness of this running workout was that I was not running on the pavement/asphalted road. I tried to run on the sides of the road which are covered with grass and follow small “foot trails” used by people walking along the sides of the road.

I ran along this road for eight (8) times. I tried my best to pick-up my pace when doing the uphill part and slowing down for recovery in going back where I started. I left the road when it was dark already and jogged all the way to the Bonifacio High Street. I did one round along the “bigger loop” as explained to me by Bards and measured it with my GF 305. Running along the asphalted road that surrounds the Boni High Street Mall area, my GF 305 registered 1.26 kilometers. The distance of the International School Road and the Boni High Street (BHS) bigger loop is almost the same distance.

Last Monday evening, I was able to finish 12.7 kilometers in 1:15:58 hours which I consider as my recovery run a day after finishing 15K road race.

On the following day, Tuesday, I returned again at the same spot where I started last Monday afternoon. However, I started 30 minutes earlier this time at 5:25PM. The drill I made on this road was almost the same as of Monday’s workout, running uphill with faster pace and going downhill towards the starting area in a slower pace. But I covered more distance this time as I ran along new streets at the sides and back of Hanjin Building that connect to Kalayaan Road. I also ran along the grassy sidewalk towards the Petron Compound and back, and going around the back and side streets of One World Ministry. After running eight times along the International School Road (with those additional runs on side streets), I proceeded again to the BHS where my water station was located. I’ve been running for almost 12 kilometers without any drink of water.

After drinking water at the BHS, I started my run along the “big loop”. I observed that there are so many runners/joggers this time as compared to last Monday evening and I saw group of runners in two up to four runners running together and there were those who ran alone. While running along this loop, I always increase my pace on the road which is north of the mall as it is slightly uphill towards the Serendra; recover on the road in between Serendra & BHS; picking-up my pace at the other long stretch of road south of BHS as it is slightly downhill; and recover on the road near R.O.X.

I ran the “big loop” for seven times and stopping on my water station briefly every time I finished two loops. The longer I ran at BHS, the more I saw lots of runners/slow joggers and walkers going around the big loop. It was almost 7:45PM when I stopped my running workout and I saw a bigger number of runners doing their workouts and some of the runners were seen talking at the parking area after they had finished their workout. I really don’t know if these runners recognized me as I was wearing a baseball cap but I always see to it that I always raise one of my hands to wave to an incoming runner along my path and see him into his eyes. I only do this act when the runner is a male. I seldom do this to female runners. Maybe, I’ll try to do this to female runners I meet along the way and we will see what are their reactions.

Yesterday evening, I was able to run a distance of 20.32 kilometers in 2:12:29 hours. 

It was a nice run. I am starting to like running in the late afternoon and early evening after two days of running.

Happy running!

20 thoughts on “Late Afternoon Runs

  1. Thanks for the info. I have my route and used to run at night as well. It would be great to run with others. Sabay tayo BR pag pwede na ako!

    How’s the level of safety in the area? Any tips on what to wear to be seen when running at night?


  2. mark, we missed your commentls for the past week (?). did you join the dragon boat race along the pasig river lately? i saw a portion of it in the “Bandila” news. i could not imagine rowing along the pasig river with its foul smell. safety? the IS road is safe and there are security guards along the road. even if i am running along the elevated sidewalk at the “international school road”, i see to it that i “run against the traffic”. also, i always wear white or bright-colored shirts & white runner’s cap during night running. our running shoes have also reflectorized strips on the front/side/back portion which serve as a warning to drivers. what worries me are those bikers during night time whom you meet on the road. just tell me when you are available & we could wave at those lady runners along the BHS loop..hahaha!


  3. Hi BR, I am impressed with your post Mizuno workouts. I have done a max of 2 x 5Km workouts. My recovery has been very slow. Keep it up and good luck in SFO. We look forward to the pictures since it is a very scenic route. I did the Bay to Breakers in 1988 and it was greats. The hills of SFO were tough but I am sure you are up to the challenge.

    Regards Mark


  4. I never noticed a grassy area in the IS road where one could run. I used to run in the grassy area of the S&R road which can be quite noisy when the cars start coming in. Thanks. I’ll try that one time.

    If you run the big loop on the thursday of Mizuno run club you’ll run along with the elite runners. At least that’s how it always was before I stopped running due to the injury.

    When i do start running again regularly, I look forward to that wave from you and Mark! hahaha


  5. i like afternoon runs also. its a bit cooler towards the end of your workout and keeps you going a bit longer. plus the sentigirl in my likes to see the sky changing color. 🙂 escaping work early is the difficult part hehehe


  6. late afternoons for the win! i hate waking up early in the morning, as little miss marga likes staying in bed until 9am. 😀 how i’d give anything for a late afternoon race!


  7. Aba BR, now we’re obliged to wave at the ladies. : )

    We recently participated in the 1st leg of the PDBF 2008 Regatta. It was held at Manila bay. Im not aware of the race in Pasig river. It might have something to do with Pasig City day. I have paddle twice in Pasig river in the past, both in celebration of earth day. We really need to save the river. Singapore was able to save their river, hope we can too.


  8. Hi BR. Long time no comment ako ah! Been out lately but I’ve been reading your posts daily as always. I missed the Mizuno 2 race. Sayang.

    Finally, late afternoon runs! I work near the fort and would really love to run there after 5 but I’m worried that i’d be running alone and look miserable, add to that the possibility of getting run over by cars as mark fb said. Kaya I always end up in the FF treadmill every night. I didn’t know a lot of people run around BHS every night. I tried it once during a weekday morning and even saw Bards there.


  9. mark8, those were easy runs just to keep myself busy and putting more mileage to my training. i know those hills in SFO will greatly affect my finish time but the joy of joining with my kids will be the most important accomplishment.

    jaymie, there are grasses and small pathwalk on those elevated sidewalks on that IS road. i hope to join one of these thursday sessions with the mizuno runners. there is no need to wave at you, mark & i will join you immediately.

    bards, definitely, running in the early evening is better than waking up early in the morning.

    marga, it takes a lot of discipline to wake up at 5AM for my running. however, i have observed that the elite runners in the Phil Army would start running at 3:30AM and finish when i am about to start my run at 5:30AM.

    markfb, i am still hoping that we can still save pasig river. good luck on your dragon boat competition.

    runmd, instead of running on a treadmill, it would be better for you to run at the BHS loop. it is well-lighted and patrolled by a roving security guard on a motorcycle and i have observed that more people are running at 7PM and onwards. the water station i was referring to was my parked vehicle at the BHS parking area. hope to see yo this sunday.


  10. Transition Zero,

    Im from Drago Pilipinas, member since 95. I stopped in 98 due to a shoulder dislocation while kayaking. Returned on and off since Nov 2005. I only started training again with the team sometime May this year. We somehow qualified for the World champs scheduled this August 1 to 3. Its been tough to get proper training time as we’re all full time at work. Our last participation at the world champs was way back 97. Hopefully we can do our best when the time comes. Para sa Pinas!

    Our team was formerly called just Rowing Team way back. Bench sponsored so it was the Bench Dragonboat Team. Puros gwaping pa nun, mostly models ang member including Goma. They even had their own boat replicated from the traditional design of dragonboats used before in Hong Kong. It then became Philippine Dragonboat Team. In From their, members split up to form other teams. We represented DLSU and we’re now currently known as Drago Pilipinas. Team has won a lot during 95 to 2002, we want to bring the glory days back. By the way, may ladies team na kami.

    Let me know if you want to paddle with us. Its an open invitation to other runners as well. Runners make good paddlers. : )


  11. Hey markfb, I trained with UPDT last year. My loathing for early morning training got the best of me, hence preventing me from being a committed paddler. 😀 Haha


  12. We’re discussing about the possibility of having night practice (7 to 9pm) inside the breakwater. You can get 500 meters inside depending on the line you take. Thanks to Garmin, marking distances is no problem. Issue now is how we can get flood lights installed, the support of PDF, LGU of Manila in charge, Navy and Manila Yacht club. If this becomes possible, we’ll all get to train at night and for 2 hours on a regular work day. : )


  13. Pabor sa akin yan! 🙂

    How may I contact you? I don’t want you or I posting each other’s contact details online…


  14. sir jovie and mark fb and the br running are some suggested names for the bhs night running group ….New Wave Runners….Kaway Kaliwa’t Kanan Runners(KKK Runners)…Kaway Sabay Pa-Cute Runners (KSP Runners)….Wave En Run Runners (Wavers)….Palakaway Runners (PR Runners)….my i join the bhs night running and waving group?nice workout for the arms especially when the run gets tough.

    see you this sunday’s half sir j.nice route btw.


  15. Hi, BaldRunner and fellow runners. I’m in Manila and I hope to meet you somewhere along your running route. Same expectation I had when I was in Laoag last week but no luck. I plan to run Saturday morning hoping to meet you although I have the feeling that you are already in LA. Anybody knows a 5K or 10K race in Manila this Saturday or Sunday mornings? Thx.


  16. bugo2x, nice suggested names of the hand waving group of runners! hahaha! hope to see you this sunday’s half.

    delq, most of the runner-bloggers will be running this sunday’s half-marathon which will start at 5:00AM infront of the Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, however, there will be also 3K, 5K, & 10K at the same venue. there is also one race at UP Diliman Campus which consists of 16K, 6K, & 2K distances starting at 5:30AM. i will be joining the manila half-marathon. hope to see you there.


  17. Hi to everyone!

    It’s great to know that runners like me exist and thrive in the Philippines. I currently reside in the UK but hoping to retire in the island soon. I will be there next month assessing whether there is future for my family in the PI. I would be very grateful if you could let me know fantastic running routes in Manila and races as well would even be more fantastic. If you have any training sessions, I would like to join as well. Missus will be pleased as she can get on with her shopping whilst I could get on with my running and meet fellow runners.

    Thanks and see you there.


  18. janchiz, thanks for dropping by and for choosing the Philippines as your retirement haven. depending where you will settle in Metro Manila, you can have a selection of routes where you could run. Luneta Park, Roxas Boulevard (along the Manila Bay), Cultural Center of the Phil (CCP) Complex, & Mall of Asia Area are nice places in Manila where you could run; in Makati/Taguig City area, The Fort at the Global City is where I usually have my morning & late afternoon runs; in Quezon City, running around the Quezon Memorial Circle and in the University of the Philippines (UP) Campus would be a good option, too! At The Fort, i think there are 3 running clubs–Global Runners; Fort Striders; and Mizuno Running Club. There is also a group called Happy Feet Runners whose membership are those working in Makati Business/Companies. Please check to join their yahoo forum. good luck & keep in touch. regards to your family. happy running!


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