16K Run

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

It was almost 8:00 AM already when I started my long run from my quarters in Fort Bonifacio. I was planning to run inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani but due to the heavy traffic at the Libingan Road which I had to cross after leaving Gate 3 of the camp, I finally decided to turn left towards Heritage Park. After passing by Heritage Park, I turned left towards C-5 Highway. I ran along the bermuda grass-planted sidewalk of Heritage Park and it was very comforting to the feet.

There is a dirt road outside of the fence of the Heritage Park facing C-5 Highways which I chose to run instead of the cemented sidewalk but after passing the boundary of the park with adjoining populated area, I had to run along the sidewalk of the highway facing the incoming traffic. I was dismayed and frustrated to see the garbage and dirt scattered along the dirt road beside the highway. Almost all the areas/portions fronting these illegal settlers along C-5 were dirty and wet with the drainage flowing on the side of the street. The Eco-Runner will have a problem running this part of the road and that he has to carry a big trash bag! I am sure he has to completely stop and ruin his running workout.

 I could not imagine how polluted the air was when I was running along C-5 Highway plus the heat of the sun but I had to endure all these factors that affect the efficiency and better performance of a runner. As I entered the road access to McKinley Hill from C-5 Highway, the security guard tried to stop me from entering the said compound. I immediately shouted at him that I am with the Philippine Army and continued with my uphill run without looking at him for the second time. I guess, my cotton singlet affirmed his belief that I am with the military.

I was wearing a white Fort Ilocandia Golf Course cap, sunglasses, a white singlet made of cotton with the markings of “Philippine Military Academy”, black Adidas running shorts, Nathan Water Belt, Ipod Nano, and Nike Zoom Explosion 2 running shoes. My singlet was an obvious “sign” that I was with the military.

Once I reached Lawton Avenue, I turned right towards The Fort. From Lawton AvenueI turned right towards the American Cemetery before reaching the newly-constructed Robinson’s Condo Building. After passing Serendra and Market! Market!, I took the street fronting the International School up to the Hanjin Building. I took the road that goes to the front gate of the Philippine Public Safety School and then towards the Petron Building. I turned right at the road that goes to the back of MC Home Depot and all the way to the St Luke’s Hospital and at the Ford Showroom & Car Dealer Store. From the corner of Jollibee, I went to Serendra and turned right towards the Bonifacio High Street Mall. Actually, this was the reverse direction of the 4th Global City/ANTA 10K route.

Joanna of Starbucks Coffee (Bonifacio High Street) once again filled my empty Nathan Water Jug with ice and water. She was always there to lend a helping hand when I need a refill of water. Thanks again, Joanna! The security guards were looking at me and I could only suspect that they were wondering why I was running too late with the sun already too hot in the sky. As I continued my run towards MC Home Depot and towards Jollibee, I started to sing loudly with the songs I was hearing on my headphone. The people whom I passed by would look at me and smile. At this time, I was hearing the songs of the Bee Gees when I was graduating from high school! (New York Mining Disaster, To Love Somebody, Massachusetts, Words, Smile, etc..)

From Jollibee to Lawton Avenue and later to Fort Bonifacio, I maintained singing loudly the songs I was hearing from my Ipod and it was a nice experience–practicing my singing and at the same time having my running workout! I finished the distance of 16.2 kilometers in 1:44:08 hours under the intense heat of the sun and the carbon monoxide pollution of the streets in Metro Manila.

6 thoughts on “16K Run

  1. kingofpots

    bards, yup, i had a good time running under the intense heat of the sun. i hope to make it in next year’s badwater ultra! ha!ha!ha!.

    highaltitude, that is what i do everyday now that i am retired and i am enjoying every minute of my run. happy running, too!


  2. myironshoes

    Hello Baldrunner!
    Yes, those Mckinley Hill guards certainly do restrict runners from accessing that stretch of the road. At least nadaan mo sa sindak. Sometimes, my friends (all girls) and i get lucky and we are able to get by with a wave and a kindat. Haha! It’s a shame because that stretch actually has some good slopes where you can do a bit of hill training.
    I once had this conversation with a friend lamenting the difficulty of finding clean, safe stretches with breathable air to run in in the metropolis. We would run past the empty gated cemeteries in the area and longingly look at the tree lined asphalt roads. Isn’t it a bit sad that the closest thing we have to parks in this city are our cemeteries? The longer our runs get, the more challenging it becomes to plot the routes. Oh well, I guess we make the most of what we have… all for the love of running!


  3. talking about hill training…
    i have a favorite hill training route from taal lake to people’s park. you will practically run 8k steep hill from banga talisay to banga sungai where you will take right going to people’s park. at this point, you will run from 370masl to 650masl and when you reach people’s park, you’ll be at 745masl. from banga sungai to people’s park is about 5k.

    guarantee free of smoke, less vehicles and a spectacular view of taal lake.

    on the other hand, there is also downhill route from olivares rotonda going down to taal lake via brgy. leynes. this route [10k] is a combination of trail and cemented. you can continue run to banga talisay for about 5k and if want to continue steep hill running, continue running to banga sungai as mentioned above.

    if you are interested, i’m willing to take you to this route and run with you =)


  4. kingofpots

    mesh, thanks for the nice comment and observations. it is really a pity and very frustrating to think that we don’t have a recreational park (with trees, hills and trails) which is vast enough to enjoy the beauty of nature within the city. the likes of golden gate park in san francisco; griffith park in los angeles; and central park in new york city are nice places where one could run and relax and our urban planners missed on this one. since we have more shopping malls and condo buildings around us in the city, have you tried doing “brisk walking” from the ground floor to the top floor and down using the stairs, repeating the process for almost 1-2 hours? i guess, we can adjust and adapt to what we have in the city.

    highaltitude, that would be a nice hill training run outside metro manila and thanks for the suggestion. we have to plan on this as it would be better to run as a group. hope to see you soon!


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