My Order Had Arrived

After accidentally bumping into the book, “The Extra Mile” by Pamela Reed and reading it, I came up with a post in this blog about the said book and the feats the author had accomplished in the underground sports of ultramarathon. I was fascinated with her experiences, preparations, training and the ordeal she has to go through winning the Badwater Ultramarathon Race which is considered the “hardest ultramarathon race” in the world” for two consecutive years, 2002 & 2003, beating the best men in ultramarathon entire the world.

I’ve heard about Dean Karnazes, for the first time, in one of the early posts of QuickSilver Running in his blog and found out later that he (Dean) has a runner’s blog; website and a coach of Runner’s World Magazine. After checking and browsing his website, I found out that he had written a book which is entitled, “The Ultramarathon Man”. In Pam Reed’s book, she mentioned about Dean Karnazes as one of the competitors and  a “threat” to her in defending her championship at the Badwater Ultramarathon Race in 2003 but ultimately did not affect her resolve to defend her title as she emerged as the champion and winner for that year’s race. I hope to know the reason why Dean Karnasez was not able to dislodge Pam Reed as the defending champion in 2003 in his book.

Since then, for the past 2-3 months, I’ve been looking for the said book by Dean Karnazes in the different bookstores in Metro Manila but to no avail. I asked my wife to buy me one and send it through my niece who was scheduled to return to Manila after a brief visit in Los Angeles on June 3, last Tuesday.

I got a call from my niece last Thursday morning telling me that she had arrived safely in Manila an she had my book with her. I told her to just leave it in my quarters and I will be able to have it once I arrive in Manila from Laoag City.

I am looking forward to read this book and post a book review on this..soon!


3 thoughts on “My Order Had Arrived

  1. quicksilverrunner

    Hi BR,

    I hope you enjoy DK’s book. I wished I’d known of your quest to obtain his book–I have an extra copy, given to me when I joined him in his 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days event.

    I don’t know if I met Pam Reed yet (so easy to forget who you get introduced to) but ultramarathoners are the most down-to-earth and approachable bunch. Keep your eyes open for DK at SFM as San Francisco is his hometown. He may have a booth at the expo, so you might be able to shake his hand and talk to him a while. He runs SFM and San Diego Rock & Roll just about every year.



  2. sfrunner

    Hi BR,

    I wholeheardetly agree with Quicksilver’s comments on DK. I met Dean at the Stadium To Stadium run a couple of years ago and he’s very approachable. I’ve read both books and really was in awe of what ultramarathoners are capable of. Though I don’t have plans to run one, the thought of it remains on my mind. To me, it was kind of sad here in the U.S. when Dean’s 50th marathon got less attention nationally than Lance Armstrong. Not to knock Lance, but Dean’s sub three hours at the NYC Marathon will always be tops!

    Hope everything’s well with the training and happy running!



  3. kingofpots

    quicksilver, thanks for that nice gesture/offer. wow! joining DK in one of his feats is something to be proud of. i hope someday i would be able to have a picture and an “autographed” book from him. hope to see him at the SFM. thanks!

    wayne, thanks for the additional information on DK. i really appreciate these people who had finished an ultramarathon races after i read those two books. maybe, by running one “ultra” will be my ultimate goal in running. i am fine with my training and i think i am on schedule. thanks for the comment.


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