Gym Workout #3; “24 Hours”; & Coach Jim

7:15 AM 20 May 2008

This is the beauty of being retired from the service. I can have all the time to do what I would want to do without any pressure or responsibility in mind except to myself. It does not matter what day of the week is or if there is a typhoon coming or not, what is important is to be able to sleep soundly at night and prepare my road race for the next weekend. Simply stated, I should “enjoy life” after retirement!

Yesterday was a rest day for me and I could hardly access my Dashboard with WordPress. I really do not know the reason with the “traffic”  and the slow response I am getting from my laptop. I could hardly upload the pictures from my computer to my posts. It took me for a while to access my blogsite and instead of wasting my time waiting for my laptop to respond and post my pictures,  I decided to watch the DVD (original, of course!) of “24” Hours’ Season 6. Well, it was great watching Jack Bauer (my favorite TV series character) again. The first 3 episodes motivated me to have my gym workout today.

After my routine stretching exercises, I started with my dumbbell routine exercises for my biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest muscles using lighter weights (7.5, 10, 15, 35 lbs). After few minutes of my dumbbell drills, I started to perspire because the gym was using big industrial fans as vetilation. The gym is inside a mall and the regular air-conditioning system starts at 9:00 AM. Anyway, I like what I was experiencing inside this gym. I did some abdominal curls with the machines available; side bends with 25-lb weights on each hand on the side, calf raises with such weights, knee bends, lunges, and ladder steps. I did also some inclned bench press for my upper chest muscles.

This morning, I observed that the “Classic Gym” section was full with tall guys who I believed are basketball players/athletes. I could see that their eyes were glancing at my ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 shoes and one of them approached me and asked where I bought them and how much I paid. And I answered him about Athlete’s Foot Store at Glorietta and its expensive price. This guy introduced himself as “Coach Jim” who is a biomechanical sports expert whose expetise is to make an athlete more efficient and scientific in his body movements in any sports. In return, I introduced myself as the “Bald Runner”, pointing at my head and invited him to visit this blogsite. I told him also that I posted a Shoe Review of the ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 in my blog. It was nice talking briefly with Coach Jim and hope to see him again.

Time flew so fast inside the gym if you are busy with your exercises and drills. Actually, I don’t talk so much and socialize with others while I am inside the gym. The faster I do my drills, the better for me. But this morning was my longest stay inside the gym, two hours & 15 minutes.

Music—Metallica; Barry White; & Abba

I am on my way to Baguio City.

5 thoughts on “Gym Workout #3; “24 Hours”; & Coach Jim

  1. Hi BaldRunner,

    That Coach Jim might be Coach Jim Saret, he’s the conditioning coach of a PBA Team. He’s also the one conducting the Running Workshops in our company. He’s really good at what he’s doing, and has great advice for runners! =)


  2. One of my best runs are in baguio. I usually start my runs at John Hay Club house I have a rest home there ) and take the BCC route going to right park then all the way to Burnhan Park and go all around the area on the way home i usually take the former Hyatt hotel route. Not only is the weather nice cold in crisp in baguio but i love it especially when it rains. Baguio is Beautiful i love it there after my run, shower, breakfast im having a beer or glass of red wine at……9am 🙂 . Have a great run in Baguio.


  3. Wow, maybe i can find some free session with coach Jim.. hehe… Anyway enjoy your Baguio trip. I’m sure you’ll gonna check out Gintong Alay oval which you suggested before during my vacation at Baguio. I saw Vertek at the track in Baguio and figured where he’s secret training is. His altitude training really works well, no wonder he’s winning races by a mile.


  4. loony, of course, i will not leave Baguio without a run on the roads i’ve been running before. thanks for the visit & see you next sunday.

    nivoj, i hope to see him more at the gym with those PBA players. it was nice talking to him. thanks for the visit.

    patrick, wow! having a resthouse in baguio city is something! that’s true, you can run in baguio city anytime of the day and you can get a better training because of the altitude and the cool atmosphere. hope to see you soon in one of the races.

    taki, thanks. for sure, my trip is not complete without any runs in baguio city. altitude training is already a proven “means” to improve one’s physical capabilities. hope to see you agan next sunday. happy running!


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