D-1 Day: On Your Mark 10K Run

Goal—Be able to run and improve my previous time of 49:37 minutes for the 10K Race during the Condura Run. At least, to have a finish time of 48 minutes will be a nice goal for this run.

Strategy—Run slower on the first 5 kilometers at 5:00-5:10 minutes per kilometer pace and slowly increasing the pace on the remaining 5 kilometers. Try to apply “speed play and tempo runs” on the last 5 kilometers. I will try also sprinting at the last 500 meters of the race to the finish.

Support Services & Running Kits—I’ll be using my Nathan Water Belt and I will not be stopping at the water stations. My runner’s kit will be all-new–Nike singlets; Nike running shorts; and my newly “break-in” ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 (my 1st time to use it in a road race). My GF 305 will be my “guide & target opponent”. I am not yet decided if I am going to have some music along the way through my MP3.

Others—More time to stretch and do warm-up jogging before the start of the race. Concentrate on my “running form” during the race. Run tall, run relaxed, run naturally.

To my fellow runners, see you tomorrow at the “On Your Mark” Run at The Fort. Good luck!!!

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