More Pictures: Project “Donate A Shoe”

The following pictures were taken by Captain Ferdie Espejo, one of my staff/officers with the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Running Club, Inc., who is supervising the Project “Donate A Shoe”, together with Major Rod Turno of Camp Aguinaldo.

Major Rod Turno turning-over a donated shoe to one of the lucky recipients.


The gentleman on the right donated his running shoes. The lady elite runner on the middle was the recipient of my Nike Air Max trail running shoes.

Bards aka “Banana Running” giving one of her shoes to Major Rod Turno. Mesh Villanueva, on her right, also gave her running shoes to the project. Thanks, Bards and Mesh for the support.

Eric aka “Passion Runner” giving one of his running shoes to the Project Donate A Shoe through Major Rod Turno. Thanks, Eric!


One of the lady runners who donated her old shoes signing the Deed of Donation while Don Fernando Zobel looking and holding his Deed of Donation for donating his running shoes he used in the 15K run. Don Fernando, thanks for the donation and for proudly wearing the “One” Wristband.


One of the donors of running shoes with the “One” Wristband.  

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