D-Day: Mizuno Infinity 15K Run

30 March 2008 (6:00 AM-7:16 AM)

I arrived at the Parking Area near the Assembly Area of the Mizuno Infinity Run at 5:10 AM and immediately had my stretching exercises and warm-up jogging. I saw to it that I had to drink water and force my urine to get out from my urinary tract system before going inside the check-in area. It took me about thirty minutes to warm-up while making sure that my officers from the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap had arrived and put up their booth for the BaldRunner’s “Donate A Running Shoe” Project. I was glad that my staff had arrived on time and I gave them four of my old shoes for donation.

Before the start and as soon as I entered the starting area, many runners had greeted me, most of whom are my visitors/readers of my blog. Guys, thanks for your comments and visits!


The 15K Run started at exactly 6:00 AM with the other runners in the 10K and 5K races to start after 15 minutes. The 5K was scheduled to start at 6:30 AM. As expected my 1st kilometer was a slow one, finishing in 5:44 minutes. But my time was a very slow pace from my planned time to finish every kilometer. I had to pick-up the pace when I was already at the Bayani Road. After almost two-kilometer run inside the Heritage Park, the hills before the Bayani Road, at Lawton Avenue, and at the McKinley Hill areas slowed down all the runners. The worst was, once the runners reached Lawton Avenue after coming from Bayani Road, they were already facing the heat of the sun.


Running at 3-Km point along the Bayani Road before I threw water to the driver of a black Nissan Patrol who was about to cut us from an intersection. I met Mark at this point after the said incident.


It is fun to run when there are lots of runners around you, the more you have to increase your pace!


At this point, going to Km. 8, I just left the Heritage Park and about to run uphill towards Gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio.


At the uphill portion going to Gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio and Bayani Road

I started to pick up again my pace after successfully ascending from the McKinley Hill area and reached back to Lawton Avenue. At this point, I had only 2 kilometers to go before the finish line. I joined the pace of a lady runner in pink and a soldier from Camp Aguinaldo. At the last turn before the Finish Line, I saw the digital clock registered 1:16:00 hours. I just maintained a quick pace and was able to cross the finish line in 1:16:27 hours, my unofficial finish time for the 15K race.


I picked-up my pace after leaving McKinley Hill area. The motorbike rider who escorted me from Heritage Park to the Finish Line was one of my personal drivers & member of my security detail when I was then the Camp Commander of Fort Bonifacio.


A picture with the lady runner in pink who set the pace along Lawton Avenue and a soldier from GHQ, Camp Aguinaldo following us. This was the first time I saw this lady in a weekend race. She is strong and I am sure she placed one of the top five among the ladies.


At the finish line with a time of 1:16:27 hours as I read from the digital timer/clock, my unofficial finish time.

After finishing the race, I immediately went to the booth where my staff established my Project “Donate A Shoe”. I found out that three of my old running shoes were already given to the less fortunate runners. Later, Don Fernando Zobel of Ayala Land Inc. approached the booth and asked where he can donate his shoes. And I and my staff answered, “Here, sir!”. He immediately removed the running shoes he was wearing, an ASICS GT-2110, and donated them to us. We let him signed some forms and took some pictures of him and myself. He left our booth walking with only his socks on. Thanks, Don Fernando! We salute you!


Runners looking at the array of donated shoes infront of Bald Runner’s Project “Donate A Shoe” booth being supervised by Major Rod Turno and Capt Ferdie Espejo of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Running Club, Inc.


Don Fernando Zobel signing the Deed of Donation for his running shoes he was wearing that he donated. I gave him a “ONE” Wristband which he accepted.

Many of my officers/enlisted personnel and dependents in the Philippine Army, my brother, members of the Happy Feet Runners Club, Fairview Running Club, Takie, Mark, Jomes, the BullRunner, jhun & wife, rene & doc from Gold’s Gym and others whom I forgot their names approached our “booth” and had good words about our project. We had some picture-taking, too!


A pose with the members of the Happy Feet Running Club. Guys, you look great!


A pose with my brother & wife who joined the 5K run. At far right is Colonel Oscar Lopez of the Philippine Army who is also a passionate long distance runner & joined/finished the 15K run in sub-1:30:00 hours.


A pose with Takie and the most popular The Bull Runner among the Running Bloggers!


One of the senior runners who received my New Balance 902 Performance Running Shoes showing his old shoes which he used in the 15K run!


16 thoughts on “D-Day: Mizuno Infinity 15K Run

  1. miraclecello

    Your pacer in pink bears a passing resemblance to the triathlete Leica Carpo who did 4:24 at the Save the Pasig. But I could be wrong.


  2. nivoj25

    It was really cool seeing you and the bullrunner after today’s race, you are both inspirations that keep me running! I read both your blogs everyday… Thanks and keep up the good work in sharing your passion for running!


  3. carlo

    Baldrunner, congrats on another good finish! If I were living in Manila, I would’ve joined the race and donated some of my old running shoes. I’m curious to know how many pairs were actually donated.


  4. runforchange

    Baldrunner, amazing time. I was talking to your nephew Lemuel. He calls you his hardcore running uncle. I told him you’re my new idol. Hehe!

    I donated shoes today at your booth. I was hoping to get to talk to you. Your blog is pretty inspiring. I want to have that same positive effect on people.

    And I was wondering if I could get your e-mail 🙂 I want to be able to send you personal comments. Thanks!


  5. kingofpots

    cecil, i heard that the lady in pink is with the group of senator pia..thanks for the info. it was nice meeting you again this morning.

    carlo, there were 13 pairs of shoes donated this morning. i’ll post a more detailed story tomorrow.

    attorney eric, thanks for the donation and we are getting positive feedbacks on this. if you want to know more about the “one” white wristband, pls check http://www.one.org. you can e-mail me at jovie75@hotmail.com. you have a nice blog, too!


  6. kingofpots

    nivo, thanks for the visits and for reading my posts. i hope you will be able to excel some more and attain your goals in running. good luck & keep on running!


  7. markfb

    Glad to finally have met you. Im in the picture (wearing a bright orange singlet) : ) The running goal I told Captain Espejo was to catch up to you. Maybe in a few more months. Well, I did a 1:19. Its a minute better than my projected finish based on the Bull Run last January. Here’s how I calculate it (based on Jack Daniels Vdot Chart (http://www.attackpoint.org/trainingpaces.jsp?dist=10000&units=meters&time=05200) Im trying to lose weight as well. Hopefully more long runs in the week should help. Any tips sir?

    Thanks for the One bracelet. It now reminds me of how I got it and what it stands for every time I see it.


  8. Hey Bald Runner, it was a really great race. Its also very nice of you to organize this donate a shoe. There are so many runners out there who have the heart to run but don’t have the means and resources to do so. This donate a shoe initiative is really very inspiring. I have a shoe I’d like to donate, where can I drop them?




  9. kingofpots

    mark, if you want to seriously improve your finish time in running, the “secret” is patience & time. follow the lydiard’s way for an “injury-free” running and do these three (3) running workouts within/every week if you feel your legs are already strong—“fartlek” or interval (speed) runs or hill workouts; fast tempo runs; and long runs. it is either you rest a day in between these workouts or have an easy run. consider also your body weight & pls refer to my previous post on this for the suggested formula of an ideal running weight.

    taki, thanks for the nice words and for supporting this project. you can contact capt espejo or maj turno through their cellphones which i stated in my previous post (collection point). thanks!


  10. Baldrunner, meeting you was like seeing an old friend! It was great to finally exchange a few words with you.

    What you’re doing with the donate a shoe project is amazing. Love the photo of you and the senior runner with his old shoes. He looks so happy to get rid of them.

    See you again at the next races!


  11. jhunie16

    Finally na meet ko din kayo personally nung Sunday…nice meeting you Sir!
    Idol na din kita ngayon at lagi kung binabasa mga sinusulat nyo…keep on writing and of course keep on running 🙂

    Next time magpapa picture nko with you hehe…God Bless po


  12. markfb

    Thanks for the tip! I currently run thrice a week and do interval and long runs. I got to have a tempo squeezed in even for just 30 minutes. That’s the secret of the Kenyans right? (aside from being genetically gifted) As for losing weight, Im currently 179 lbs. Using the formula, I should weigh 154 lbs. Thats 25 pounds! Let’s see what happens this year. I might go back to my college diet. (1 junk day, no fried, processed food, no softdrinks or juices)

    When I was still in national team, I weighed 155 pounds with 4 to 5% body fat. Hmm, that might be a tough goal for me at the moment. I’ll work on 165 for now and see how it goes from there. Gaan nyo sir dati, very impressive. Actually your weight now is very good too. Its not normal nowadays to meet somebody your age with your weight and fitness.

    Patience and time, that’s I need more of. I just started seriously running in Oct 2007. Previous running experience was in grade school and high school winning 5th to 8th in those 3k fun runs. 🙂 Highlight would be seeing Ms. Bea Lucero in one of the runs.


  13. m8parco

    Hi BaldRunner,

    Thanks for posting our our picture with Joms and my wife. She was so happy to meet you in person!!!

    Regards M8parco


  14. kingofpots

    ms jaymie, i am glad you finished the 5K run with your hubby..without any complaints from your knee. it was nice talking to you, too! i am glad we are encouraging more people to be physically fit, engage in physical fitness, and be able to guide them to excel in running through our blogs. keep it up. if you have time, check my new blog at http://www.thebaldgolfer.wordpress.com. this is the lighter/funnier side of the bald runner.

    jhunie, it was nice meeting you in person. see you in the next road races. keep on running, buddy!

    mark, don’t worry, you will beat me soon. i have to maintain my weight in order to improve my time in my future races. in 47 days, i’ll be retiring from the active military service upon reaching the age of 56 and i’ll have more time to run and play golf.

    m8parco, i am very sorry, I forgot your name & your wife’s name, too! anyway, i am glad you like the picture i posted. see you in the next road race.


  15. levyang

    hello baldrunner, i’ve been reading your blog for a long time now, just want to thank you for all the tips and training journals that you have posted. I saw you at the mizuno run, mabagal pa pala ang 5:44/km pace nung simula, hahaha. that’s why i couldn’t even get close to you to chat for awhile. wanted to look for you after the race but was already so thirsty then so i had to go home at once. hope to meet you soon sir. more power to your blog and to your project.


  16. kingofpots

    levy, thanks for being a regular visitor to this blog and i hope that my posts/tips were able to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and for you to love running in road races. don’t worry, we’ll see each other again and feel free to approach me. thanks for your support. keep on running!


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