Next Road Race

After telling Patrick Concepcion a.k.a “RunningShield” that I am going to be at the 2008 Condura Run as an answer to his invitation in one of his comments in my Road Races Page, I was thinking of an “alibi” or reason to tell him why I could not join the said race. This is what I hate to myself because whenever I make or utter a statement, I tend to stick to it and do it no matter how things will affect on me and to other people. So, for the past days after the 2008 Pasig River Marathon, I’ve been moving a lot in my camp, inside our Transient Facility, walking within the garden and parking area of our Field Service Support Unit  Compound (where we repair and maintain our mobility assets, firearms, and equipment) while making calls to my wife, command staff and unit commanders, get a two-hour body massage (for the price of P 200.00), and lots of walking inside SM City (where I bought 3 DVD movies & ate at Ted’s Batchoy).

However, while I was still in Iloilo City, I got an invitation from my brother telling me to attend to his oath-taking ceremony with the President/Commander-in-Chief for his promotion to Major General (two-star General) on the morning of Friday, 29 February, in Malacanang Palace. As a member of his immediate family and as my younger brother, I have to attend the said occassion. Well, I have a valid reason again to be in Manila and be able to run in the 2008 Condura Run. Hopefully, with a short notice from my staff in Manila, I requested them to have me registered in the said race for the 10K run. Before I left Iloilo City Airport for the last flight to Manila, I just got a word that my race packet is already waiting in my quarters.

As of this date, Thursday, my body and leg pains are gone and can positively say that I’ll be running the 10K race this Sunday.

To my co-runners, I’ll be running as the bald runner, I mean, without my runner’s cap! See you there!

2 thoughts on “Next Road Race

  1. Hi Baldrunner,

    Ill probably see you at the race. Ill just be a spectator since im still recovering from my first marathon.

    Enjoy the 10K.

    Ill probably prepare for the DND half marathon so i hope to see you there.


  2. kingofpots

    taki, i hope to see you at The Fort on Sunday’ll see me as one of the runners in the DND-AFP Half-Marathon on 09 March..keep on running!


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