Back To Work!

After the Marathon Race, having done my post-stretching exercises and changed my wet running attire, I immediately left Quirino Grandstand and looked for a place to eat breakfast together with my staff/support team from a nearby fastfood outlet. I rested in my quarters after a cold shower and later had my lunch at Causeway. I spent the whole afternoon sleeping and fixing my things to be brought back to my camp.

At 5:00 PM, I was already on my way to the airport to catch my flight back to Iloilo City and while I was at the boarding area, I was able to post my picture and story about my run at the 2008 Pasig River Marathon. I did not have any limp while walking but my leg muscles were really sore! I still have my intermittent coughing which disturbed my seatmates inside the plane and I had to cover my mouth with my handkerchief every time I cough. A lady passenger sitted beside me was annoyed with my coughing and I tried to smile and said “I am sorry” at her but she just stared at me.

After an overnight stay in our Army Transient Facility in Iloilo City, at 9:00 AM of Monday, I attended a conference presided by the Presidential Assistant for Western Visayas and a staff of the Office of the Presidential Affairs on Peace Process together with the AFP Commanders and PNP Regional and Provincial Directors in the Region VI, in one of the Function Rooms of Hotel del Rio in Iloilo City. Our agenda was focused on the implementation of the Peace Agreement between the Philippine Government and the RPA-ABB (a breakway faction of the Communist insurgents operating in Western Visayas). The conference ended with a lunch and after leaving the Hotel, I was already on my way to my camp in Jamindan, Capiz which is 2 1/2 hours ride by land.

On the following day, rains fell hard in Jamindan but this did not prevent one of my visitors to visit tha camp. I received and entertained a regular officer (Lieutenant Colonel) of the US Marines who is a Filipino. Being an Ilonggo, he had been helping my Command by sending medicines and books for the people living inside the military reservation and camp. He even supported the repairs of one of the primary schools situated in one of those far-flung barangays located inside the military reservation. In the afternoon, I have to send-off one of my Battalions for deployment to Negros Island and gave them a “pep-talk” to inform and inspire them of their actual mission in their area.

For today (27 Feb), I am going to preside and speak as the guest of honor during the turn-over of command of my Military Intelligence Battalion in Iloilo City.

Later this afternoon, I’ll have time to do some brisk walking and slow jogging at the Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track.

After dinner, a nice Sauna and Body Massage to relax my muscles at Riviera Spa (Iloilo City) for P 200.00 would be most welcomed! 

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