Sunday Run With GF 305

10 February 2008

I had my run in Jamindan and tried to use my GF 305 while running along the 2-mile route inside the camp. Although it was raining the whole morning, I made a decision already to run on this day excited to use the GF 305. So, I waited for the rains to stop before deciding to run. I finally started running at 10:47 AM after doing my stretching exercises.

This is the data registered by my GF 305 after running my three (3) laps of the 2-mile route:

Lap # 1 

Distance—2 miles                                                              

Elapsed Time—17:20 minutes                        Average Pace—8:40 minutes per mile 

Average HR—151 bpm                                              Maximum HR—165 bpm

Average Speed—6.5 miles per hour                        Total Ascent—725 feet

Maximum Speed—10.9 miles per hour                  Total Descent—737 feet

Total Calories—241

Lap # 2

Distance—2 miles                                                  

Elapsed Time—17:36 minutes                     Average Pace—8:49 minutes per mile

Average HR—156 bpm                                          Maximum HR—165 bpm

Average Speed—6.8 miles per hour                    Total Ascent—345 feet

Maximum Speed—8.1 miles per hour                 Total Descent—361 feet

Toatal Calories—234

Lap # 3

Distance—2 miles                                                   

Elapsed Time—16:37 minutes                    Average Pace—8:18 minutes per mile

Average HR—161                                                  Maximum HR—167 bpm

Average Speed—7.2 miles per hour                   Total Ascent—316 feet

Maximum Speed—167 miles per hour               Total Descent—325 feet

Total Calories—234

I finished my run with a one-mile slow and cool-down jog. Total distance covered in my run was 7 miles or 11.2 kilometers.

From the GPS readings of my GF 305, I found out that the 2-mile loop I had been running for the past months in my camp in Jamindan is short by almost 300 meters! I had to run an additional distance for the lacking meters and stopped every lap once the GF 305 registers a distance of 2.0 miles! My “soldiers” will have a lot of explaining to do!

Well, to finally validate the accuracy of my GF 305, I need to run along the Iloilo City Oval Track in the next coming days.

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