Running Clinic @ Thomson Reuter

Mark Hernandez of Thomson Reuter is one of the avid ultrarunners based in Metro Manila, having finished the 2010 BDM 102 and the 1st PAU 50K Race. He is the one spearheading the activities of his company’s Running Team. As part of their active lifestyle and sports activities, he requested me to conduct a running lecture and clinic to his officemates last month. Finally, on the early morning of July 31, a running lecture and clinic was conducted to almost 20 persons in their office.

The running lecture started at 6:00 AM and it was followed with an open forum and discussions. The clinic was conducted outside the office, along the wide streets of McKinley Hill. Stretching exercises, running “drills”, and a 15-minute easy run was led and conducted by the members of Elite Team Bald Runner.

1st Time To Conduct A Running Lecture Early In The Morning
Answering Questions During Open Forum
Stretching Exercises With Elite Team BR
...Running "Drills"
15-Min Easy Run @ McKinley Hill
Mark, Thanks For Your Support to the Elite Team BR & BR's Events
Group Picture After The Activity

Run 55K Ultra And Win 10K Race (My Hair Grew at Mt Pinatubo and Became Champion at the UNICEF 10K Run) Part 2

6:02 AM 23 November 2008 @ McKinley Hill/UNICEF 10K Run

After almost 8 hours of restful sleep, I woke up at 4:15 AM and did my pre-race rituals—shave my head and face to remove the hairs that grew during my run to Mt Pinatubo and the rest of the activities to include drinking coffee & Ensure and eating my oatmeal and boiled eggs. At 5:15 AM, I was already at the McKinley Hill Area waiting for Capt Espejo to hand me my racing bib. While doing my warm-up and stretching exercises, I could feel that my legs were still sore because of the ultra run to Mt Pinatubo. Well, as planned, I had to do this run without any race strategy at all. I just wanted to finish the race and make this race as my “active recovery” run.

While waiting for Capt Espejo, Amado The Race Walker, passed by my parked vehicle and I  called his attention. He was holding a bag with his two pairs of shoes to be donated to my project. He handed to me his shoes and introduced to me his daughter-in-law and two sons. In return, I handed him a “ONE” wristband. (Amado, Thanks for those 2 pairs of running shoes! They are almost new! The recipients will be happy to have them). However, after the race I did not have the chance to have a photo-ops with him. Anyway, I can always see him at the ULTRA Oval Track and have some pictures with him as documentation for the project.


Two runners of Team Bald Runner (Sid & Coach Salazar)  were on my side prior to the start of the race.

What impressed me about Coach Rio’s races is his punctuality on the time the race starts. Ten minutes before 6:00 AM, I was already at the starting area looking for the members of the “Hardcore Group” but could hardly saw them around. Instead, I approached and talked to the runners of the Team Bald Runner and instructed them to make good and try to win the race. After a short program, at exactly 6:00AM, the race started and I tried to run faster and race with the faster runners for the 1st kilometer. I just wanted to “jolt” my running muscles after running an ultra run the day before. After leaving the McKinley Hill area, I was on my “comfort speed” and just enjoyed the race. Infront of the Philippine Army Golf Course at Bayani Road, Dindo aka RunMD overtook me and called my attention. I was surprised to see that he gained some weight after not seeing him in the past races. Infront of the AFPSLAI along Bayani Road, Mark Parco greeted me and passed me with  his fast running pace. I just maintained my 4:50-5:00 mins/km pace during the race.


Coach Rio’s races always start on time!

After the Heritage Park and the uphill climb towards Gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio, I was still on my “comfort speed” and I was enjoying my run due to the fact that I did not feel any severe pains on my running legs. After passing the Gate 3, MarkFB ran beside me for about 50-100 meters but I told him to maintain his fast pace (It was a nice way to send him the message to just leave me and go for his PR best time for the race) So, he overtook me and left me with his blistering pace as we reached the uphill portion near the Phil Army Gym and towards Lawton Avenue. From there, I increased my pace for the last 1.5 kilometers to the finish line.


I pressed the stop button of my GF 305 once I passed the Finish Line and I still looked fresh!

My GF 305 registered a finish time of 49:54 minutes with a distance of 10.02 kilometers. After I passed the finish line, MarkFB greeted me and that was the only time that I told him of running the 55K Pinatubo Run a day before the race and he was surprised. I am happy after the race with a sub-50-minute time for the 10K race but I knew I could finish with a faster time if I did not run the 55K ultra run. Later, Mark & Tiffin approached my Project Donate A Shoe booth and Mark told me about his observation that I was running less than my 100% race effort and just like what I told to MarkFB, I told him that I just finished the 55K Pinatubo Run yesterday. MarkP was surprised, too!

Anyway, I awarded a Finisher’s T-shirt for the “1,000-Km Club” to Tiffin after some photo-ops with the personnel of Accenture who ran the race. Congratulations, Tiffin for finishing the distance and for being a member of the “Hardcore Group”. Keep on breaking your PR best time every road race and run faster. I hope you and Mark will join our  “speed” training soon.


Tiffin, wife of Mark Parco, was happy to receive her “1,000-Km Club” Finisher’s T-Shirt. Cogratulations, Tiffin for a good job and keep on running some more miles/kms!


It looks like I am the youngest among the winners of the different age group categories!

To my surprise, I was called to the podium to receive my prize as the Champion in my Age Category (50-59 years old). Thanks Coach Rio and UNICEF for the prize and for an outstanding road race. Runners of the Team Bald Runner won 2nd & 3rd Place in the Men’s Overall for the 10K Run.

I was indeed a very fulfilling and memorable weekend for me for having been able to run a distance of 65 kilometers (for Saturday & Sunday) without any injury. I just feel stronger and ready for the Milo Marathon Finals this coming Sunday.