Running Lecture & Clinic @ IDS

4:00-6:00 PM May 26, 2010 @ IDS Compound, Bagumbayan, Quezon City

It could be a simple telephone call, a comment in my blog, a text message, an e-mail, or a conversation, I am always willing to give a Running Lecture & Clinic to any corporate office or group of runners anywhere in Metro Manila and its suburbs. But this time, it’s different because the request came from a runner-blogger who is a close friend. Bards aka Banana Running sent me a text message and it led to the realization of a Running Lecture & Clinic among the staff and employees of IDS (Integrated Distribution System) which is based in Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

Introductory Part of the Program

The Running Lecture & Clinic was integrated as part of the company’s health and wellness seminar program for its employees. I am also glad that the Bald Runner and its Elite Athletes were there to be a part of this program. Through Ms Tess Baltazar of IDS, the running lecture & clinic was fully coordinated and my team was received properly upon our entry to the compound.

Lecture Was Done Inside One of the Warehouses

The lecture and clinic were limited to only 2 hours as the window of opportunity for the whole program/seminar. The lecture started on time at 4:00 PM of May 26, 2010, Wednesday in one of the big warehouses of the company. After a short introduction, I delivered my lecture with the aid of the usual Powerpoint presentation which I delivered within one hour. After giving me a surprise award and cash (that goes to the training & support to the Elite Team Bald Runner), my team and host brought the participants at the parking area of the company.

Group Picture With The Staff of IDS After The Lecture
The Basic Running Clinic Was Conducted By The Elite Runners

The running clinic started with stretching exercises, then running “drills”, demonstration of running form, and the whole group did some group running at the parking area. The clinic was new to everybody and it was fun for the participants. The group was happy to experience the activity. I hope the running lecture and clinic were enough to “spark” the employees’ interest in running and ultimately, adhere to running as a way to embrace an active healthy lifestyle.

The running community welcomes the IDS Running Club! See you on the road!