“Cheat” Sheet @ TransLantau 100

I don’t have any printer for my Mac Air and this what I did on the day before I left Manila for the TransLantau 100 Trail Run. I simply wrote the names of the Checkpoints on a piece of paper (one of the pages of my Notebook) with the accumulated number of kilometers covered once I reach such point. A simple description of the terrain (uphill or downhill) is written beside the number of kilometers covered.

"Keep It Simple And Light"
“Keep It Simple And Light”

I kept this piece of note/paper inside a small ziplock to keep it dry from my perspiration and placed it in one of the shoulder pockets of my Ultimate Direction’s AK Signature Series Hydration Vest. Every time I would check in in a Checkpoint or eat my foods in the Aid Stations, I would have a glimpse of this piece of paper and find out what to expect in the next section of the race.