MILO Marathon Elimination Race, July 4, 2010

…Did Not Qualify!

Yes, I did not qualify for the 34th MILO Marathon Finals to be held on December 12 of this year. I am trying my best to recall what happened during the race and still making an assessment about my training and preparation for this marathon race. Hopefully, get some lessons to share during the race and in my training.

I finished the race in 4:25:12 hours (unofficial) based from my GF 305. I could be a “veteran” runner but I was not happy of what I’ve accomplished. But I am still proud that I was able to finish this race without any injury.  This is my 19th Marathon Race and so far, I’ve have not yet experienced any DNF in my career as a runner.

I will be posting my Race Report about this race in my incoming post with more details. I had my 30-minute recovery run this morning and I am ready for my next race, after a brief “rest & recovery” period from intense training. Actually, my training and preparation for my next race started in yesterday’s MILO Marathon Elimination Race! Wish me luck!

For the meantime, I would like to express my congratulations to all the Qualifiers and Finishers. You did well and you have shown the courage and determination of a “warrior”. To Team MILO and the Race Organizer, you did great for the race with the hope that nobody got seriously injured or hospitalized due to the heat exhaustion. I salute you for making this marathon race as the most challenging one, so far! You maintained your reputation as “the most prestigious marathon race” in the country. Additionally, your “Help Give Shoes” advocacy is a success!

To my readers, those who prayed for my safety and for those who cheered & supported me along the way, my sincerest thanks to all of you! After all, I am a mortal just like everyone else. The battle cry for next year’s MILO Marathon Race…BOUNCE BACK!!!

On My Last 8K To The Finish Line