Readings On Ultramarathon Races (100K)

To those who are  interested to join the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race, this article shows the history of 100K races.

Why 100 ?

The Universal Ultra

Although any race beyond the standard marathon of 42.195 km is reckoned to be an ultra, across the world there is one particular distance that has become universally popular – the 100km. 100km races have been held as far north as Baffin Island in the North West Territories of the Canadian Arctic and as far south as Puerto Varas in Chile; as far west as Honolulu in Hawaii, and as far east as Rotorua in New Zealand. The races are held on tracks, trails, road loops and from point to point; through cities, towns, villages, forests, across deserts and over mountains. Some cater for a mere handful of enthusiasts while others feature a cast of thousands. Each year there are probably considerably more than two hundred such races around the world.  Continue reading “Readings On Ultramarathon Races (100K)”