Official Result: 8th TANAY 50K Ultra Marathon Race

2018/8th TANAY 50K Ultra Marathon Race

Starting Area: Intersection Sampaloc Road & Manila East Highway, Tanay, Rizal

Start Time: 4:00 AM June 10, 2018 (Sunday)

Finish Area: Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort, Marikina-Infanta Highway, Tanay, Rizal

Finish Time: 1:00 PM June 10, 2018 (Sunday)

Cut-Off Time: 9 Hours

Number Of Starters: 18 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 18 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 100%

Starters/Runners @ Starting Area

RANK      NAME            TIME (Hrs)

  1. Anselmo Cruz Jr (Overall Champion, Course Record)—4:27:04
  2. Thomas Combisen (1st Runner-Up, Overall)—4:51:35
  3. Ronnel Valero (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)—5:58:07
  4. Bong Dizon—6:06:00
  5. Jeneth Silvestre (Female Champion)—6:07:24
  6. Wacky Delleva—6:30:15
  7. Roberto Vocal—6:39:58
  8. Glenn Rosales—6:48:18
  9. Rod Losabia—7:10:42
  10. Tess Leono (1st Runner-Up, Female)—7:13:14
  11. Kristian Caleon—7:13:17
  12. Efren Olpindo—7:19:15
  13. Edwin Fernandez—7:28:41
  14. Jovenal Narcise—7:34:07
  15. Ma. Mercedes Lou Castro (2nd Runner-Up, Female)—8:14:30
  16. Kelvin Dela Torre—8:14:31
  17. Bien Alcala—8:19:07
  18. Jonas Olandria—8:20:36

Congratulations To All The Finishers!



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