Lifetime Commitment

I was a part of the 1st “running boom” in the country and I was glad that I became an average Marathon Runner then, having finished local Marathon Races held in Metro Manila. But going to another country to experience finishing a Marathon Race was just a dream. I just realized this dream when I concentrated writing my running experiences on this blog.

Through this blog, I came to realize that I could be a better and faster runner if I concentrate and focus on my training. This was attained when I was already retired from the military service. Focus and consistency on training made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses in running plus the fact that I have the valuable time to do what I want.

This blog started with those weekly fun runs, road races, and Marathon Races in Metro Manila; then I gave birth to an Ultra Marathon Race which ultimately made me as a Race Director/Organizer; created a National Sports Federation For Ultrarunning; promoted Sports Tourism through Ultra Marathon in different parts of the country; brought some elite ultra runners to international races; and now trying to become a strong and fast mountain trail runner.

But the problem is that, my age is fast catching on me. I am not getting any younger. And my speed on my past road races is not getting any faster when I run in the mountain trails. Obviously, running on mountain trails is more challenging and dynamic. But I have learned to love running on the mountain trails for the past 16 months.

Whenever I am running in the mountains, I always think and ask this question to myself, “When will I stop running and retire from it?” But whenever I try to answer this question mentally, I would propel myself with a stronger and faster “kick and lift” on my tired legs! I guess, my brain has answered that I am still strong and be able to endure whatever challenges and pain that my body would encounter.

As for me, Running is a Lifetime Commitment. It is a Passion, a Hobby, an Easy Job, and a Cure!

Trail Running @ 62 Years Old
Trail Running @ 62 Years Old



12 thoughts on “Lifetime Commitment

  1. Joe Saley

    …..BR thanks for posting & way to go! We don’t have to be fast, just need to keep running. Am 74 yrs young & still running. Take care and God bless. Lolo joe.


    1. i’ve read somewhere of a 99-year old lady who is still running and i was inspired to write this post after looking at her pictures. definitely, running is a good habit which would last until we finally fade away. thanks for the comment.


  2. Sir BR, it just shows that age is nothing but a number. You can go and push further even when old as long as you enjoy and love the thing you are doing. You may not be as strong or quick as you were before but hell you can still kick it. Im inspired by people like you who are so driven to push no matter what age. Run on sir!


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