Pre-Race Insights: 2013 TNF 100K Phil

This will be my first time to join the TNF 100 Phil race. I have sent and sponsored my elite runners to join this event every year, except last year. Last year was the start of the TNF 100 being held in the higher mountains of Benguet Province. This year is the 2nd edition of the TNF 100 Phil being held in the same area and route.

TNF Trail Run Ads
TNF Trail Run Ads

Despite hearing and getting feedback from the last edition of the race, whether they are positive or negative, runners still register and face the challenge of this ultra trail race. Some runners would join to earn some points as qualification for them to participate in TNF Races in Europe and other countries in Asia but I could see that more runners would join because of the corporate brand it carries.

2013 TNF 100 Race Route
2013 TNF 100 Race Route

Then, why is it that I have decided to join this race? Simply, to make a Race Report out of my experience in tackling this difficult course. I’ve seen and read Only ONE Race Report in last year’s edition in the Internet but everything was too “general” for me to comprehend as I wanted more detailed description of the route, training and preparation undertaken, race strategy, nutrition, hydration, equipment, support crew system, do’s and don’t’s, and to include positive and negative things about the race. The Race Report I intend to make will be in the personal view of a runner in the “Rear Pack” since I am twice the age of the expected Podium Finishers and the rest of the runners. Whether I will be DNF or not, the Race Report will still be posted in this blog.

Another Version Of The Race Route
Another Version Of The Race Route

So, there you go. It is almost 2 days before the Race Day and I am physically and mentally prepared for this event.

Good luck to all the 100K & 50K runners! See you at the Starting Line!

Keep on running! Go Beyond Your Limits!

6 thoughts on “Pre-Race Insights: 2013 TNF 100K Phil

  1. tony jimenez

    I salute you sir Jovie for your courage and determination to conquer this course. My warmest congratulations in advance. I pray I will have the same heart and mind when I reach your age.

    God bless your journey and may the good Lord Jesus protect you all the way and the rest of the runners.

    Tj Jimenez

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