The Doctor Has Spoken

I had a running-related injury during my last long run before my participation to the 2011 MIWOK 100 Trail Run last April 2011. There was pain on my left knee and it did not improve until the race day. Since that time, I was in denial that I am injured and caused my lesser time to do my daily runs and easy long runs. Instead, I opted to take some rests, do some brisk walking and until I thought of joining the last year’s RIZAL DAY Run, 2012 CONDURA Skyway Marathon, and the 1st Mt Ugo Trail Marathon in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya. On my way to Mt Ugo for a recon run weeks before the race day, I started an alternative activity which is peak bagging and the rest is history.

You might be wondering why I was able to finish the Rizal Day 32K, Condura Skyway Marathon, Mt Ugo Trail Marathon and Adventure Run along the Circumferential Road of Guimaras Island (110K) and did more peak bagging activities despite my left knee pain and injury. The explanation will be provided  in detail in another blogpost.

Pain management had contributed much in my ability to run and continue on my running in races and peak bagging activities. But there is a need for medical attention as I am no longer young like the other runners out there.

Yearly, I always make it a habit to go to the United States to visit my family, recharge and rest, do some chores in the house, and buy some books about running. But my main reason of going to the US is to have my yearly medical check-up! Last year, I passed all the medical tests to include my uric acid level, prostate test condition, and others but I did not include some tests/exams for my knee pains.

This year, my medical tests included an examination on my two knees through X-Ray. During my initial consultation with our family doctor who happens to be a former marathon runner and also a Pinoy, he said that the symptom on my knee pain is an indication that I should stop running. Like him, he stopped running and joining marathon races after he started feeling some pains on his knees. He warned me that if I force myself to continue running, there will come a time in the near future that I will be walking with the aid of a cane or walking stick and the pain on my knee will be unbearable that I need to take some big dose of pain-killer medications.

I felt like I was going to have a heart attack/stroke when I heard the doctor’s advice! So, I said to myself, this is it, this could be the end of the Bald Runner!

But having that kind of a fighting spirit in me of being a warrior, I mean, an old warrior, I asked the doctor if there are alternative means where I can still be active and maybe, one day I could go back again to serious running. I asked him if I can bike and he said that I could not bike because the knees are the main source of force in such endeavour. I asked the doctor if I can hike and brisk walk and he said yes. Later during the consultation, I asked him again if I can do some swimming and he said yes. Swimming is the best sports that I could do to relieve the pain from my knees.

On that consultation, the doctor took some of my blood for my medical exams to include a test for my prostate and he advised me to have an X-Ray session with my two legs and chest to another clinic. On this consultation meeting with my doctor, I registered 110/70 blood pressure; weight of 145 pounds; and a Heart Rate of 50 BPM. If my computation is correct, I might register a BMI of 21.5.

On the next day, I went to an X-Ray Clinic and I had relaxing moments with the secretary and technician because the Clinic is being manned by Pinoys. After I finished with my chest x-ray, the technician commented that my lungs and heart are very healthy and powerful for my age! Of course, it is a given and not surprised with the comment of the technician. I usually have that same comment when I was still in the active military service. However, the knee X-Ray took so much time as there are 3 positions needed for each knee! In all, six positions! And to top it all, the technician had to repeat my right leg X-Ray shots! So, I did 9 shots for my two knees!

After a week, I got the results. First, the bad news! My cholesterol is High (too much Pork/Chicken Adobo, Bulalo, and Lechon!). My sugar is also High (too much Starbucks Coffee, Krispy Creme donuts, cakes, Magnum, and Coke/Sprite) and I am about to be a candidate for Diabetes. My Knee X-Rays showed that I have Bone Spurs on my both knees! The good news is that the prostate is A-OK and my uric acid is at a manageable level. My immune system is strong and healthy!

I said to myself, what the fuck are bone spurs? The Internet provided me with the answer to my question and I did not want to hear again the advise from our family doctor because I knew I will be hearing the same shit! So, all my activities right now are geared towards the solution to get rid of these bone spurs!

Surgery? No way! I pity a young officer whom I’ve met lately at the Philippine Army Swimming Pool who was having his water exercise therapy after undergoing a surgery due to bone spurs on the bones of his feet. He was walking with a cane and he is in his late 30s or early 40s! I also know of a senior officer (retired already) who had a knee surgery and he is still swearing/complaining up to this date that he made a wrong decision to have undergone such surgery.

Medical injections of steroids or any “thing” that will lessen or temporarily remove the growth of this bone spurs or prevent the rubbing of these spurs to my ligaments and tendons? I have yet to see and find out about this solution and decide to try this treatment. However, I know of some people younger than me who have undergone this kind of treatment and they are still running well.

At this time, I am administering the old-fashion rest, ice and hot treatment, deep-tissue massage, fish oil/Vitamin D & B-Complex supplements, some “voodoo”/organic herbal drinks and cross training regimen. I hope I will not be bored with my home-made solutions to my bone spurs! Patience and Consistency are the factors that are neded for this kind of treatment .

So, if you see me out there hiking, or maybe running, stair climbing, or doing some cross training activities, you know that I am trying my best to get back into my best shape as a consistent runner!


14 thoughts on “The Doctor Has Spoken

  1. Sorry to hear your health issues, Lakay! When I told my doctor about my planned of running a marathon in 2010, he answered “you can but I won’t advised it”. I am on cholesterol and blood pressure pills for 30 years, ashamatic, with kidney desease, arthritic knees, plantar faciitis and 68 years old.

    Fast forward……. on July 29, I will run my 8 marathons since October 2011 and 70 years old. There was not a race that I was pain free but I persevered because there is not MUCH TIME FOR RECOVERY and I am CRAZY.

    You are still young and still lots of time to recover and get back in shape. Besides, your involvement in the running community will help you maintain an active lifestyle.


    1. mang art, the bone spurs on my knees are blessing in disguise as i am able to rest some more time and be able to do other exercises or cross training workouts like yoga, pilates, swimming, and cycling..i hope i will be able to reach your age and still be enjoying the bliss of running. thanks for the comment.


  2. Sorry to hear about your knees BR. However, if there is anybody that can handle such a condition and find solutions and or alternative ways to stay fit, its none other than you. Your good old fashion rest etc…. will nurse you back maybe not as strong but will allow your knees to recover. Remember you will soon be holding the same citizenship as I am and we still have a long way to catch up with our idol ART who has about 10 years head start and still strong! Take it easy for the mean time and take care!


    1. you are right, sir amado! it is a blessing in disguise that i have to slow down with my running workouts and be able to rest for a longer time. i know in due time, i will be back as a stronger runner. by the way, i am already enjoying the SC Card that was issued to me by the City of Makati. see you soon!


  3. runningshield

    This has to be “ The Best ” entry of yours !
    Thank you for sharing a part of you.
    I’m 49 and I think your 5 years older than me.
    I am more conscious of my health and I worry about my knees.
    I have no “ major” knee pains yet but I am very careful how I run , walking and no major twisting etc.
    If the doctor told me to stop running I would seek a 2nd opinion. If the 2nd doctor said stop running I would look for a 3 rd doctor so on and so on until I see a doctor who says I can run. I will give him a free “ Condura Ref. “ ha ha.
    thank you again very much for the very good info.
    Especially for us fogies !
    One request may I put this blog entry of your in my blog please.
    Thank you

    Raul Patrick Concepcion
    Exe. Vice-President – Service Dept.
    Concepcion Durables Inc.
    Condura Skyway Marathon Running Ambassador


  4. It is so hard to hear someone whom i really admire having these kind of problems, especially getting rid what he really likes and do most, but i know for sure my IDOL won’t just give up that easy. He will find some other ways to continue his advocacy. Me too is having trouble in my right knees, rehabilitation is going on and getting ready for my BDM160. See you IDOL BR…. never surrender…


  5. That’s the spirit! Scott Jurek broke all records of ultra running with a bulging ankle, torn ligament, and toasted pinky toe. He managed the pain by gulping glasses of soy milk, slices of pineapple, Indian spices, turmeric, and a host of plant-base food.


  6. sir, how’s your recovery doing? are you doing some sort of strength training?

    the problem with excessive running is that it makes your bone brittle and your tendon and ligament weaker. so when that happens, your knees wont handle the sheer force and excesive pounding that it is taking while running so runners are more susceptible to knee injuries.

    to counter this, you have to a regular strength training. lifting weights makes your bone, ligament, tendons stronger. focusing on barbell squat, weighted lunges, posterior chain work. as you get stronger on these, your knees can already handle the viscous beating.

    this is one mistake serious runners make. if you are serious on your running longevity and be more stronger, fit, healthy and avoid the common knee injuries, then they should look into lifting weights 🙂

    have a speedy recovery, good sir!


  7. Bre Clohesy

    Came across this blog today I’m a 31 year old runner and roller derby just told she had bone spur/s in her knee, I am very much in shock and finding this is giving me a distraction from all the doctor Google’s out there, I’ll continue to read your blog and hope for the best in your journey.


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