Stair Climbing Workout

This is the real stair climbing workout. It is not stair climbing using the StairMaster or any machine at the gym that mimics stair climbing.

Since I’ve been going to the mountains for the past months, I was trying to find out a simple workout that mimics how I would scale on those mountains. Aside from the fact that I’ve been trying to strengthen my quads and calf muscles through squats and lunges and/or stationary cycling, I wanted a short workout that could be easily accessible to where I am staying.

Lo and behold! I thought of doing the stairs where I am staying. I am presently residing in a 8-storey condo with 32 steps of stair per floor/storey and starting from the ground floor up to the 8th floor, I would be able to step on 256 steps. If I do 10 sets or reps, I would be able to make 2,560 steps upward and another 2,560 steps downward! On my average easy pace, I could complete the 10 sets of stair climbing in 1:20 to 1:30 hours!

To make the workout more challenging, I would put on my backpack filled with water bottles and other items inside it that would make it weight to 10-15 pounds or more. I still do a minimum of 10 sets up to a maximum of 20 sets with the backpack. I do this workout twice a week!

This workout makes my quads and calves cry in pain most especially when I incorporate some speed in my steps towards the top floor using my weighted backpack and going down to the ground floor. But I know, this workout will make me a stronger runner and hiker in my “peak bagging” activities.

If you are staying in a condo, you can do this workout once you wake up in the morning or before/after having your dinner! If you are working in a high-rise building, you can do this workout during your coffee break time or during your Facebook time or lunch time.

For more details on this kind of workout, you can check on

Good luck and see you at the starting line!


3 thoughts on “Stair Climbing Workout

  1. Now, here’s a real workout that I can do at home. No machines, no gimmicks…but wait, there’s more (ala-home tv shopping)…thanks Sir Jove for always sharing your fitness regimen through this blog.


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