“Shit Happens!”

I could be a “perfectionist” in terms of planning and execution, something that I’ve ingrained in my system since I was in the active military service. But even though how thorough your plan and preparations are, there is still a chance that something goes wrong. It’s the Murphy’s Law that one has to contend with.

Running Accident!

Behind the success of the last BDM 160 Ultra Marathon, an incident happened involving the runners and pacers. While two runner-participants were running with their respective pacer along the Mabalacat, Pampanga’s part of the MacArthur Highway at about 1:00 AM of Sunday, January 29, a drunken motorcycle rider was able to “sideswipe” two pacers who were running with their respective runner on the right side shoulder of the highway. As a result, the two designated pacers were brought immediately to the hospital for treatment. One of the pacers was declared out of danger immediately as she sustained minor bruises. However, the other pacer was brought to Manila for further observation due to hip fracture and suspected internal bleeding. With more tests and observation & treatment, the pacer was declared out of danger and she was released from the hospital after one week.

It is for this reason that future BDM runner-participants are advised to be extra careful while running at nighttime during the race.

The following Race Rules will be imperative and strictly implemented during the conduct of future BDM Races:

1. Runners shall ALWAYS stay on the farthest LEFT SIDE of the Road. Runners should be facing the incoming traffic during the run. If a runner has a support vehicle and support crew, the support crew should be the one to approach the runner to the left side of the road. If a runner needs to take a longer “pit stop” with his support vehicle, he/she should immediately return to the left side of the road not more than 10 meters in front of the parked support vehicle.

2. Runners should be ON SINGLE FILE while running on the farthest left side of the road. Runners will not be allowed to run abreast at any time during the run.

3. During night time running, runners should wear “reflectorized” vest or wear “reflectorized” strips on their running apparel. Obviously, runners should also be using headlights and hand-held flashlight. Runners without these item/s will not be allowed to participate in the event.

4. Pacers are NOT allowed in the BDM 102. If two runner-participants would like to pace with each other, they should be ON SINGLE FILE during the run (on the left side of the road).

5. Ipods, MP3s, and headphones ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED in ALL FUTURE BDM RACES.

Violations of these rules will result to disqualification of runners. Marshals shall be advised to be observant to implement these rules. THERE WILL BE NO WARNINGS!!!

If the Race Director says that you are DISQUALIFIED, it will be a FINAL verdict on the runner and he/she is advised to stop the run. If a runner reported to have violated these rules and insisted on finishing the race, he/she will be declared DNFd and will not be included in the Official Result of the Race.

Runner’s Mistake & Omission

While I was trying to inspect and collate the “split times” of all the runners and finishers in every Time Station along the route, I discovered that ONE FINISHER did not pass through the “Km Post #118” turn-around. He made a wrong turn directly to the Capas National Shrine, instead of running the last 10-kilometer stretch of the route.

I immediately advised the concerned runner that he is officially declared as DNF in the race; his name to be removed from the Official Result; to return all the Finisher’s Swags given to him at the Finish Line; and informed him that it is the runner’s responsibility to know and find out the actual route of the race.

This road race is already on its SECOND EDITION and a proper FINAL BRIEFING was conducted prior to the race, thus, runners are fully aware of the actual route of the event!

In view of this incident, all FINISHERS from 35th Place to the last place are advised to bring their respective Finisher’s Medal at the Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party so that proper adjustment will be made on the proper rankings of recipients for the 2012 BDM 160 Finisher’s Medal.

The Final Official Result of the Race had been corrected.

See you at the Starting Line!

(Note: Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party For 2012 BDM 160 & 102 Races will be on March 7, 2012, 7:00 PM, Wednesday @ The Officers’ (AFPCOC) Club, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City)


3 thoughts on ““Shit Happens!”

  1. kidoy22

    Sir Jovie,

    Good Morning Sir!

    Sir ask ko lang po yung date, time and venue ng Finisher’s Medal Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party. Thanks po.

    Francis S.


  2. Unfortunately that is true but most often than not you bring the hurt to yourself if you do not practice common sense

    running outside oblivous to your environment/surroundings is a no-no, doing it at night, makes it even worse,running on the right side of the road makes it a double whammy!

    runners tend to have the tricycle driver kind of mentallity wherein they would assume they are seen on the road already so motorists better give way – look what happened to the 3 runners



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