Trail Running 101

“Trail Running have at least three of the four following characteristics: (1) surface should be unpaved; (2) have natural obstacles that may include but are not limited to rocks, tree stumps, tree roots, dirt, gravel, mud, moraine, leaves, grasses, ice, snow, and creek/water crossings; (3) have a significant gain or loss of elevation; (4) include scenic vistas. Some mountain races include a portion or an entire route on pavement; however, these races provide scenic vistas”…from the book “The Ultimate Guide To Trail Running” by Adam Chase & Nancy Hobbs

Scenic Vista; Elevation Gain & Loss; Unpaved Road
Rocks & Sun-Baked Trail
Bigger Rocks & Water Crossings
Better-Looking Trail With Softer Ground

Are there any questions?


2 thoughts on “Trail Running 101

  1. I think I should give trail running another shot… Although that Pinatubo ultra might not have been the best idea for a newbie trail runner… I’m still traumatized by the dry, hot lahar =p


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