2012 BDM Updates: Lists Of Invited Runners

The lists of invited runners are now posted in this blog. Please click the appropriate BDM Race PAGE above to view the list.

Official BDM 102/160 Logo

Invited runners are encouraged to follow the instructions stated in the Letter of Invitation. There will be no extension of deadline for the payment of Registration Fee. (Remember that you paid your Registration Fees immediately when you applied to join in one or in every road race like, the Standard Chartered Singapore/Hongkong/Kuala Lumpur Marathons; New York City Marathon; San Francisco Marathon; Portland Marathon; Big Sur Marathon; Boston Marathon; Los Angeles Marathon; or California International Marathon—I am registered in this race and I paid last June and this race will be held yet on the 1st Sunday of December!).

Guys, your BDM Race had always been an International Road Race!

On the rules and regulations, we are updating some of them. Updates on this matter will be published on this blog and/or at the BDM site at www.bataan102.blogspot.com.

Good luck and train hard!


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