UNILAB 32K @ The Fort/ 4:30 AM November 21, 2010

1. This is my first official 32K Run. I treated this run as my Evaluation Run after trying to put more intensity to my training runs since after a slow finish at the 1st CAMSUR Marathon. The plan was to run an average pace of not slower than 5:30 mins per kilometer  for the whole race. With this plan in mind, I should be able to finish the race in exactly 3 hours with some cushion of 4 minutes for the uphills and slower pace in approaching the Aid/Water Stations.

2. I memorized the target split times for my 10K and half-marathon which I would like to attain during the course of race. I should be able reach the Km #10 mark in 55:56 minutes and then 1:57:59 hours at the half-marathon point (Km #21). I started at a slow pace at 5:45 to 5:49 mins per km on the first 2 kilometers until I was able to pass the Km #3 mark. From there I slowly increased my pace up to 5:35 mpk. I was happy to glance at my watch as I crossed the Km #10 mark in 56 minutes—4 seconds slower from the target split time!

On My Way Back To The Finish Line (Photo Courtesy of Bea Hernandez)

3. Running from Km #10 up to Km #21 was so insignificant that I was not focused to what I’ve been passing along the way. This is the tendency if you are running on a familiar ground for the past 3 years where you are only concerned on your time and on your running form. Translation: Running at the Fort-Kalayaan-Lawton-Bayani is already boring!!! I reached the half-marathon point at 1:56:18 hours and I was almost 2 minutes faster than my target split time for the said distance. From this point, I knew already that I could finish the race better than what I have planned for. I just have to maintain an average pace of 5:30 mpk for the remaining 11 kilometers to have a sub-3-hour finish.

4. From Km 21 point onwards, my watch was registering an average pace of 5:20-5:23 mpk and I felt I was still strong. However, I had to make a 10-second “brisk” walk as I approached the Water Station on my last 2 kilometers before the Finish Line due to an impending “cramps” on my left calf muscle. I was a good decision as the pain slowly disappeared when I started to walk. I regained my running form as I continued my run but I knew I had slowed down a little as I tried to manage the coming of my leg “cramps”. I had to drink lots of sports drinks as I passed on the last few Water Stations.

Near The Finish Line (Photo Courtesy of John Jeffrey Avellanosa)

5. Finally, I was able to cross the Finish Line in 2:53:38 hours (based from my GF 305) and was able to register an average pace of 5:25 minutes per kilometer! Mission accomplished! I was satisfied with my performance and I’ve started to bring back my speed in my road races after following the Jack Daniel’s Running Formula. My MILO’s Half-Marathon performance last November 7 with a time of 1:47:45 hours (average pace of 5:07 mpk) would also attest that I am on the right training. 

6.  My fast time was due to the great improvements of Coach Rio’s Race Management in decongesting of runners in narrow parts of the route; efficient marshals & good traffic management; long tables and lots of water cups; bananas; and sports drinks for the runners. Familiarity of the route is also a big factor for a faster time. Above all, the early start of the race, cooler temperature, and the overcast sky contributed much on my better performance in this race. Congrats, Coach Rio for a perfect race!


One thought on “UNILAB 32K Run

  1. runningshield

    congratulations. and i agree with you Rio’s race is defineltly improving. we are both getting old and a pr is definetlly harder to reach but we can still kick ass…… sometimes 🙂 . regards patrick concepcion


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