Tuesday May 25, 2010

AM: ULTRA/5.6K @ 29 mins/Average Pace: 5:08 mpk (Adidas Adizero Mana)

It was a hot day as I decided to start the week with a short run at the ULTRA/Philsport Oval Track at 8:00 AM of this day. I purposely had the day before, Monday, as my rest day after running back-to-back last Saturday & Sunday. I ran 10.1 K in the morning of Saturday at the MOA-PICC-Cultural Center-MOA Route and another 10.2K run in the evening at the The Fort. Last Sunday, I was about to run in the morning at the MOA Grounds but instead, I just stayed on the sidelines to watch the San Mig Coffee Run. However, at 7:30 PM, I returned to the MOA Complex to run another 12.1K before the start of the Call Center’s Night Fun Run.

I really needed those easy long runs on weekends for my endurance in order to back up my body strength in preparation for my speed runs during the week.

On this day, even if it was too hot, I did my usual warm-up run  for 4 laps at Lane #8. My GF 305 registered a distance of 2.33K with a time of 11:50 minutes; average pace of 5:04 mpk. After a brief water break, I did 2 X 400 at Lane #1 with an interval rest of  1 minute. My first rep was timed at 1:43 mins with an average pace of 4:08 mpk. My 2nd rep was timed at 1:41 mins with an average pace of 4:00 mpk. I could hardly breath after doing two reps because of the heat of the sun. It was too hot that I had to take water break in-between my speed reps. Finally, I decided to stop my 400 meter runs and ended doing an easy run for another 4 laps at Lane #8. I had a time of 12:49 minutes and my legs became heavier as I ended my last 2 laps.

PM: ULTRA/8.8K @ 44 mins/Average Pace: 5:00 mpk (Adidas Adizero Mana)

I joined the BR Speed Training at the ULTRA Oval Track at 6:30 PM with the rest of my elite athletes and the Professionals. I ran the usual 4 laps at the outer lane of the oval track as my warm-up before I did my stretching exercises, brief drills, and core workout. After my water break, I did 4 X 1,600 with an interval rest recovery of 2-3 minutes. The following were the data taken from the GF 305:

1st rep: 7:46 mins; average pace of 4:42 mpk

2nd rep: 7:45 mins; average pace of 4:38 mpk

3rd rep: 7:45 mins; average pace of 4:39 mpk

4th rep: 8:10 mins; average pace of 4:50 mpk

I finished my workout with another easy and relaxing 4 laps at the oval track for my cool down run/jog before doing my post stretching exercises. My body and legs are in shape as I did not feel any pain or issues during my workout. The only problem was the heat and humidity plus the number of runners & walkers using the Oval Track during Tuesday evenings. How I wish the Coaches teaching and supervising the different running clinics at the Oval Track should teach their students on the proper use/etiquette to be observed while running or walking at the oval track. 

After the workout, it was nice to hear the stories and experiences of the Team BR Professionals who participated in the latest “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon” held in the early morning of Saturday. You did great, guys! It was nice also to congratulate Mari Javier of Team BR Professionals who got the Champion Award for the RUNNEX 1oK Run held last Sunday morning at the UP Campus and another Champion Award for the Call Center’s 10K Night Fun Run held in the evening of the same day at the MOA Complex.

The BR Speed Training Staff & Elites are really proud of you! Congratulations!!!


One thought on “Tuesday May 25, 2010

  1. Tin

    Congrats to the Dream Marathoner Classmates at the BR Clinic! (the next Mari Javier might come from your batch…ehem Carlo…)

    BR, I wonder if we’ll do the 1mi next week (might get sick and be absent..hahaha)


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