Travel Advisory

Do not travel along the SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) from Subic to Clark or vice-versa during nighttime. There are unidentified persons along the expressway who throw stones at your car. If your car’s windshield or one of your window panels is broken, it creates shock and panic to the driver and to the passengers! The breaking of a glass of a car at a speed of 80-100 KPH is a horrible experience. It seems that somebody had shot you with a gun or a rifle. And the burst of those tiny glass fragments inside the car landing on your body seems that you were hit with shotgun pellets!

But what is worst is when you are shocked and get panic, it is either you suddenly stop your car or bump your car along the side railings of the expressway. Either way, you will end up as a casualty. There were reports that these unidentified persons who threw stones to passing vehicles are members of  a “hold-up” syndicate. Once you stop your car at the shoulder of the highway, this is a chance for these persons to approach your vehicle and divest you with your things. In a few seconds, they could escape along the fields and trails leading to the hills beside the highway under the cover of darkness.

Last week, I was a victim of these “stone-throwers” but I did not stop along the expressway even if I was in the company of Mr Sig Sauer. It was 7:30 in the evening when I heard a loud explosion of a broken glass and knowing that my windshield was untouched, I continued driving until I reached the Clark Exit to NLEX. I found out that the quarter panel glass on the side of my car was broken and there was a trace that a stone had hit it. I am glad the stone did not hit my windshield or my window glass panels.

After the broken glass was replaced by the car company’s repair service, I went back to the place where I believe the incident happened. It is the place in between Dinalupihan & Floridablanca Exits. This was the very same place of the first 10K of last year’s Subic International Marathon! One of these days, I’ll have that hut/nipa house situated on a hill and the rock-crushing facility inspected by the soldiers during nighttime.

So, if you have plans of travelling along the SCTEX from Clark to Subic or vice-versa, do not do it during nighttime! Stay safe!


4 thoughts on “Travel Advisory

  1. runningshield

    Thank you for the info. i travel to subic a lot for r&r and this info. is very helpful . if you do catch the group them ass___ pls do us a favour. shoot them and tie them to the nearest tree so all the friends of the ass____ will think twice to follow in there footstep.


  2. leaj23

    Sir BR,

    This used to be the modus operandi at C5. Same thing, from the pedestrian overpass, people would throw stuff as you drive by, hopefully hitting your windshield and then waiting for you to stop to inspect the damage. I think my wife’s car before was hit by a stone years ago while on C5, but thankfully, the windshield of her car did not shatter.

    Thanks for the info.


  3. miraclecello

    The toll road could use some lights particularly on the north side — it was dark coming from the Hacienda Luisita gate in early evening last week. What if this thing happened to Noynoy Aquino’s convoy? Paging Manny Pangilinan/Metro Pacific ….


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