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14 05 2010

1. I would like to share the 2010 Miwok 100K Trail Race Report of Anton Krupicka which he posted here. You can view also his race pictures here.

2. The 2010 IAU 24-Hour Endurance World Championship Race in Brive, France had started yesterday and the runners are in their 20th Hour of the race. You can check the Live Update here.




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14 05 2010

I’ve been following the IAU race. I’m rooting for Scott Jurek but Shingo Inoue has been going strong. Impressive that with a little more than 3 hours to go, Japan has 3 of the top 10 spots. Scott has publicly stated that he wants to break the American record, he has a chance but a slim one. Good friend Suzanna Bon has slipped back to 14th female after being as high as 4th but maybe she can break 134 miles. She ran 134 at San Francisco One Day to qualify for the team. What a celebration of long distance running! Fantastic to see all the flags from different countries competing.

14 05 2010

This is also a good link to the race. What I have been using to follow the event all day.

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