Race Organizers Meeting @ PATAFA

In a short notice and invitation to all Road Race Organizers, the first official meeting with PATAFA was successfully held yesterday morning at the PATAFA Office from 8:30-10:30 AM.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss “concerns” that were brought to the attention to Mr Go Teng Kok on the conduct of Road Races in the country. The meeting started at exactly 8:30 AM even if only two of the representatives were present. However, in a few minutes and during my presentation/discussion, the meeting was attended by most of the Road Race Organizers. In the absence of the President of PATAFA, I presided the meeting and the following personalities were in attendance during the said meeting:

Vic Pielago III—-Race Organizer from Condura Durables, Inc

Froilan Carnay—Assistant Race Organizer from Condura Durables, Inc.

Jo-Ar Calvadores—Representative of Coach Rio De La Cruz of Finishline

Ben Alacar—-Father & Representative of Ian Alacar

Melvin Bolus—Owner of MLB Road Race Specialist

Tia De Guzman—Pep Squad Events & Marketing Co.

Marj Dayrit—Pep Squad Events & Marketing Co.

Gay Maddela—Argent Network

Joselito “Joey” Santos—PATAFA Staff on Road Race Measurement & Timer

Road Race Organizers' Meeting @ PATAFA

Out of these Road Race Organizers, the following were absent and were not represented during the meeting: Mr Rudy Biscocho of RACE; Mr Imperio of EXTRIBE; The North Face Race Organizer; Thumbie Remigio; Maryanne Ringor; and Mr Adi De Los Reyes of E-ventolists, Inc. However, I hope they will be able to attend the next meeting.

The following concerns of the President, PATAFA were presented to the attendees and each of them were discussed:

1) Increase in the Number of Road/Trail Races and Number of Runners in the past two years.

2) Increase in the Number of Road Race Organizers  

3) Corporate’s & Private Sector’s Involvement in the Conduct of Road Races

4) Foreign Runners in Local Races (Presence of the Kenyans in short distance road races)

5) “Standards” & Protocol In the Conduct of Road Races (Accurate Distance, Aid/Water Stations, Timing & Results of Races, Density & Volume of Runners vs. Width of our Roads; Safety; Traffic of Vehicles; and others)

6) Role of PATAFA in Road Races (Race Sanction and Accreditation of Race Organizers

7) Role of PATAFA in the Schedule of Road Races

8) Increase in the Amount of Registration Fees

Attendees Increased To 9 During The Meeting
As a result of the discussions, the following recommendations to the President of PATAFA were formulated for his approval:

1) PATAFA shall conduct a one-day seminar to all Road Race Organizers at the PATAFA Office with the objective of presenting the Guidelines  For The Conduct of Road Racing based from IAAF standards and protocol.

2) Road Race Organizers who will complete this Road Race Seminar will be automatically accredited by PATAFA and should adhere to its policies. It is therefore advisable that all Road Races shall be supervised by PATAFA from their planning stage to their execution.

3) Organize a formal group or association among Road Race Organizers in order to instill open communication and teamwork among its members. This group will elect their officers and the PATAFA will act as a supervisor/consultant/adviser of the group.

4) Maintain a Regular Monthly Meeting among the Road Race Organizers.

Discussions & Insights Were Fruitful

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM.

On a personal note, I think this first meeting of the Road Race Organizers was a success where the role of PATAFA in the conduct of any form of Athletics (track & field) and road races was emphasized. Let us support PATAFA so that running will sustain its impact in promoting an active lifestyle down to the “grassroots” level.

My sincerest thanks to all those who attended this first and significant meeting among the Road Race Organizers. Let us cooperate with one another and remember always to provide the best quality service to our paying runners in every road race.


7 thoughts on “Race Organizers Meeting @ PATAFA

  1. runningshield

    Congratulations on taking the role to further improve the running organization in the country. I wanted to attend the said meeting but i only read your blog the night before so we decided to send Vic to represent Condura. Amazing how you can still conduct a meeting when it is 2 -3 days before BDM 102. You should be resting instead. Again thank you and we believe in your cause.

    Raul Patrick Concepcion



  2. albu040

    I am sorry, but I think PATAFA just wants a piece of the very lucrative running boom at the moment.

    Look at the sorry state of athletics in the country. PATAFA has not done anything positive with our track athletes, talk to any one of them. Remember the recent fiasco with the last international games??? Have you been to Rizal Memorial Oval, ULTRA in between “renovations”???

    Just want to express my frustration with “Government and Sports”


  3. leaj23

    This is great news. I hope that in the future, we’ll have better organized and SAFER races – safer being more important.

    I just came from HK, and the marathon race there was, in my opinion, too crowded already. There were portions during the 1st 5 kms where we were walking They should really put a cap on the registrants. In fact, at the 1st aid station, they ran out of water cups on the table! Can you believe that? In a big event like the StanChar HK Marathon?!

    Anyway, thank you for spearheading this and for safeguarding the growth of running in our country. See you this weekend, Sir.



  4. i2runner

    Sir Jovie, you are the “Action Man” — someone who actually does what he preaches. I’m glad we runners have a great leader like you.


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