Go Slow

Yes, I am going to run the Condura Marathon at a slow pace! Hopefully, I could finish the distance in less than 5 hours or better yet, in less than 4:30 hours. There is nothing to prove this time as my mind is fixed to enjoy the experience and be a part in the history of the first Condura Marathon.

My last Marathon Race was the Pasig River Marathon last November 8 and I got injured before the halfway. Despite the injury, I finished the race in sub-6 hours barely walking more than one-half of the course. Practically, I only have 6 weeks preparation for this race where my training was geared on my recovery and trying to regain the strength of my legs.

I have no pressure at all for this race. I know the “drill”. I know the limits of my body endurance and I can easily “listen to my body”. My last long run was in last Sunday’s Midnight to Sunrise Run with the 2nd BDM102 participants at the UP Loop where I was able to run almost 43 kilometers with brief “pit stops” and water breaks. And for the past days, I’ve been tapering and controlling my urge to run farther.

The Condura Marathon will be my preparatory run for my incoming “adventure run” from Manila to Baguio City. I hope I could recover fast so that I can start my run immediately.

The PMA Alumni Homecoming Week is fast approaching. Most of the alumni will be going to Fort Gregorio del Pilar in Baguio City where all the classes of the Academy will be honored by the cadets. While the rest of my classmates and my Co-Cavaliers will be riding in the comfort of their Vans, SUVs, and cars, I will be running & walking all the way to Baguio City!

The adventure run is not a “popularity gimmick” or a charity “gimmick”. I just want to prove that I can record or “journalize” such event in this blog on near “real-time” with the advent of the wireless Internet connection using my old notebook, digital camera and my GF 305 watch.  I will post my location, my experience/story, and pictures on the course. It means that publishing my post in this blog will be my “rest/break” during the run.

I published my proposed schedule in my previous post but it will just serve as my “guide”. I might run further than the scheduled number of kilometers for the day. Do not think or have the impression that I will be running the whole day. The plan is to run early in the morning, rest at the middle of the day and then run again late in the afternoon. I might also incorporate an evening run in one of the days of my run.

I don’t mind if my friends and readers will join me in one of the “legs” of my run as long as they bring their support system with them. Or maybe, it would be better if they run with me and leave their support for the run.

Let me take this opportunity to thank those who sent me words of support and for those who made their “pledges” to support this “adventure run”. For those who are interested to send their “pledges” of support for this run, please send your e-mail at jovie75@hotmail.com.

See you at the Condura Run!

(Note: Don’t forget your Immodium)


3 thoughts on “Go Slow

  1. mondp

    Good luck on your adventure run. The only support I can give you is to include you in my prayers that you may have the strength and endurance to complete you run to Baguio and you may also be free from harm and injury during and after your run.


  2. leaj23

    Sir, I can’t find the schedule you mentioned. Or I’m just blind? =)

    Anyway, when shall you start your run? I’m thinking of joining you on your 1st leg – most feasible since more or less near the city.

    What you are doing is highly commendable – running and walking to Baguio while the rest shall be in the comfort of their vehicles? Insanely honorable.

    Also, will you be in Ultra this week?



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