Grab Your Pictures @ “Fit & Right” Run!

Dr Tommy of Fairview Runners
Ms Jaymie aka The Bull Runner
Jevon, One of my ULTRA training mates
Leo Valdez aka "The Engineer"
Capt Amado aka Reinier6666
Capt Amado Before The Finish Line
Melvin & Rose
El Kyoshi
Leo Valdez
Mr Bautista
Jan Imperio
Annalene aka The Meek Runner as 1,000-Km Club Finisher

5 thoughts on “Grab Your Pictures @ “Fit & Right” Run!

  1. Thanks for the picture sir Jovie! I’m touched that you took a shot of me in my almost exhausted running form. You’re one of the reasons why my family is hooked into running. Also, you’re both an inspiration and a role model to the running community. Good luck to all your endeavor and more power!


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