When I am Not Running…

1. I had time to relax and wait for the pain to disappear from my Peroneus Longos on my left leg. After two weeks, there is still pain and there is no need to visit a doctor. I am afraid he’s going to prescribe a “pain reliever”.

2. I just need regular massage to my legs and complete rest. Two weeks of no running makes me sluggish and a feeling of getting more weight. More cross-training at the gym and water immersion in the hot spring are needed!

3. My deepest appreciation and thanks for those who started to donate cash & “in kind” support to the 2nd BDM 102. Your benevelonce and generosity will return to you in a thousand fold!

4. We intend to make the 2nd BDM 102 more memorable and “cheater-free” ultra running event. A “test run” is in order as coordinated by Team Hardcore under the leadership of Jonel aka Bugobugo85. Details will be announced in Jonel’s Blog. My staff will test and apply the new rules and regulations.

5. If South Africa has its “Comrades Marathon”, with 20,000 runner-applicants for 2010 on its 85th Edition, Philippines has its BDM 102 on its 2nd edition with 200 limited slots.

6. Comrades Marathon (90K) started in 1921 with 34 runners but it was uncertain how many finished the race within the cut-off time of 11 hours. BDM 102 started this year with 82 runners and 63 were declared finishers within the cut-off time of 18 hours.

7. I met Mr Amado Castro, Jr and requested him to be a part of the newly-established PAU. It resulted to his approval for his office, Reinier Pacific, as the “meeting place” of all ultrarunners. Thanks, Capt Amado!

8. I will be meeting a lot of ultrarunners and interested members of PAU to come up with protocols for the members, race organizers, sponsors, and club/team leaders to follow. Parameters and Standards of Races (to include Registration Fees) and Proper Scheduling of Races will be discussed and implemented. If you have suggestions, feel free to post your comment/s. In short, no ultrarunning event will be held without the approval of the PAU.

9. For the past days, I’ve been going around to my friends in the Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines asking them to support (again!) my DBM 102. So far, I got positive commitments from them. This effort is better than going to those Senators and Heads of Sports Institutions in the country. Anyway, the Senators are busy thinking what Party they will join and our sports leaders could not still agree on the number of delegation to the 2009 ASEAN Games.

10. I have more time to add more Friends to my Facebook account. I found out lately that it took 15 years for the Transistor Radio or Radio to reach a population of 50 Million people; 13 years for the TV; 5 years for the Computer; 4 years for the Internet; 3 years for the Ipod; and ONLY 2 YEARS FOR FACEBOOK!

11. I was able to reconnect with my friends (through FB) when I was a member of the 1911 Gun Club and PPSA in the 1990’s. Yes, I was also a Combat/Practical Shooter then! At one time, I was ranked as 1st Runner-Up in the Military/Police Category in a National PPSA Open Competition where hundreds competed.

12. While watching the TV News last night, I found out that my comment on FB about our CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida was one of the questions asked by the reporters from the Assistant Spokesperson of Malacanang Palace. It is something to the effect that the award is “an slap on the face of the government…”.

13. It is always the case, before your country reconizes you, you have to be recognized first by an international outfit/event or the United States.

14. If Senator Pia Cayetano is riding a bike with other cyclists and triathletes from MOA to COMELEC to file her candidacy as Senator for the 2010 Elections, how about us who are runners? Remember, Senator Pia Cayetano is a regular runner in our weekend road races.

15. For those who have completed 1,000 Kms in their mileage counter or running log, you can approach me after your run/race during weekends and I will award your Finisher’s T-Shirt. In return, I will be asking P 100.00 for your donation to the Elite Team Bald Runner Distance Project. Leave a comment as to your Shirt Size. I will be at the New Balance Race this Sunday.

16. Have you noticed our Elite Team Bald Runner Distance Project’s new running uniform? It is provided to us by MILO/Nestle Phils. Thanks, MILO/NESTLE for believing in our advocacy to be a part in our country’s sports excellence in long distance running.

17. This is the 2nd week that my Elite Team Project had established their “training camp” in the Sierra Madre Mountains. My “boys” are seriously preparing for the Cebu Marathon. “Cebu, here we come and we got our plane tickets two weeks ago!!!”

18. I don’t mind about the remaining Kenyan runners left in the country. “Let them play!”

19. I’ve been receiving a lot of suggestions of PAU Logo from our runners. Albert, Sam, Six Wings & Rick, thanks for the suggestions. I am impressed! The deadline of submission is December 31 of this year.

20. RIZAL DAY Run will push through on December 30, 2009 inside Camp Aguinaldo. Instead of 30K, it will be a 32K Run. This is a nice long race run for those who are preparing for the 2010 CONDURA Marathon and 2nd BDM 102. Registration will start on December 1, 2009. Race packet will be given as soon as one registers. Race packet includes Race Bib, Race Route & Instructions, and a Souvenir T-Shirt. The registration fee is P 300.00. All finishers are entitled to a “Baldie” Finisher’s Medal and Lots of Beer & Ice Cream courtesy of Team Hardcore and HING’s Running Club, respectively!

16 thoughts on “When I am Not Running…

  1. runningshield

    For a while there i was getting worried that something bad happened to you cause you haven’t been running for over 2 weeks.
    I hope you get better soon cause i cannot imagine not able to run 2 -3 days but a week ill go crazy and im sure your almost there .
    The Rizal day run looks interesting and if the family will be in town i may join this one. Thanks again.

    Raul Patrick Concepcion



  2. taddydgreat

    sir i’ve been running for twenty odd years with a conservative mileage of 15,000k, if it is possible, i’d like to have a large sized 1k club shirt as a memento? see you at the NB race this sunday. more power to you and get well soon sir.


  3. m8parco

    Hi BR,

    I usually get on an exercise bike, do some laps in the pool or get on a rowing machine when I am injured to keep my fitness.

    I expect to be back from holiday in time for the Rizal Day run. Where is the registration center? 32K is perfect!

    Regards Mark


  4. ronin

    Sir, Paul here. I’m a follower of your blog and I greatly appreciate your efforts and dedication to improve the sport. I was inspired to log my runs after learning about your 1000Km club. I recently completed my 1000km for the year and would very much want to have your Finisher’s shirt as part of my running “trophies”. I will be in the 21K event this Sunday at NB. Will approach you after my run. More power to you sir and get well soon!
    p.s. shirt size is medium 🙂


  5. loonyrunner

    cross train BR. then once you resume running, take it slow. hey, the 30th is a wed! i can definitely sign up for this race! great idea for a non-Sunday race 😀


  6. gingerbreadrunning

    Hope you are recovering well Sir Jovie! See you at NB, I’m going to bring my 100 bucks for your coveted shirt 🙂 I am also highly interested in joining the Rizal Day Run 🙂 See you!


  7. gleeman

    The article’s title is not apt for the likes of you. Looking forward to seeing you run again very soon, sir. By the way, I would also request for that iconic shirt too.

    See you at NB. Cheers!


  8. jimmyarriesgado

    hi sir, pwde po b mgparegs ng 1000km club tumatakbo po ko since 2002 ng nsa rotc officer cadetship at sumasali rin po ko s mga funrun marathon….. s newbalance 21k ksali po ko…. last sir san po mkaregs ng RIZAL DAY RUN.. thks sir


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