BR’s Visit & Meeting @ NESTLE, Phils.

17 08 2009

In the early morning of July 16, 2009, I was invited for a meeting with the leadership of NESTLE, Philippines in the presence of his staff and Mr Jim Lafferty of P & G Philippines. The discussion was centered about my Elite Running Team Program which I had organized 14 months ago. Being the most consistent corporate entity in the country which had been supportive to running events, I was also informed that NESTLE has been closely looking for “ways and means” to contribute in the country’s quest for our first Olympic Gold Medal in any of the Sports events. Since my Elite Running Team Program was also in conjunction with NESTLE’s objective, the meeting resulted to positive efforts to enhance the training and exposure of the Elite Team Bald Runner in running events within the country and the possibility of exposure to road running events outside of the country.

As Mr Nandu Nandkishore, Chairman & CEO of NESTLE, Phils., had said during the meeting, “We have to start “walking” together towards our destination”. For almost one month since our first meeting, NESTLE, Phils and the Elite Team Bald Runner had been “walking” together.

To Mr Nandu, his staff, and Mr Jim Lafferty, thank you very much!

Let the following pictures describe the said visit & meeting at NESTLE Philippines.

Mr Lafferty, Mr Nandu, BR & Coach Salazar

Mr Lafferty, Mr Nandu, BR & Coach Salazar

Mr Nandu & BR Had Started To "Walk"

Mr Nandu & BR Had Started To "Walk"

Details of the Meeting Were Discussed With Mr Dennis Austriaco

Details of the Meeting Were Discussed With Mr Dennis Austriaco, Sr VP of NESTLE

Mr Pat Goc-Ong & Mr Lester Castillo of NESTLE Were Also Included

Mr Pat Goc-Ong & Mr Lester Castillo of NESTLE Were Also Included In The Discussions



9 responses

18 08 2009

You are a tireless ambassador for the sport and Pinoy athletes Sir Jovie. They are blessed to have you.

19 08 2009

thanks, rick. i am just consistent with my advocacy to promote running to everybody.

18 08 2009

Will stay tuned to see the accomplishments of the Team BR Elites and Nestle partnership. Exciting times for you and your runners! More power!

19 08 2009

if other countries have their sports excellence program supported by the private sector, i think you can do it here in the country as well. it is just a matter of taking the first step and initiative without any much “funfare”.

18 08 2009


it’s people like you who bring the sport of running a notch higher. we need more people with your kind of dedication and perseverance so that we can elevate running in the Philippines to world-class status. we need to put a sense of vision and mission to the things that are happening today. else, all these euphoria will go for naught and these running events will only remain as they are – mere fun runs.


19 08 2009

vision & mission are the most important things to consider in order to reach a certain goal. we missed a lot of opportunities for the past 10-12 years in running. the annual BDM102 is an example of a road race that i could be proud of to become a big international event to be on equal footing or even surpass the comrades ultramarathon in south africa. thanks for the comment.

19 08 2009

S’ Jovie…I’m looking forward for you to handle the entire Milo Races in the near future hehehe. I’m optimistic and a good idea, isn’t it?

19 08 2009

ronnie, i will not dare to cross the territory of mr rudy biscocho. i will continue to race organize ultramarathon events only.

20 08 2009

Team Baldrunner-Nestle…? 🙂
Yup, i have the same sentiment with bards, i’m so exited to see the “move” between Team Baldrunner and Neslte.

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