Breach of Publicity @ GLOBE RUN FOR HOME?

Is there a word like “Breach of Publicity”? I know, there is such word like “Breach of Promise” or “Breach of Contract”.

In today’s GLOBE RUN FOR HOME, the members of the Team Bald Runner and other elite runners who won in the top rankings in the 21K, 10K and 5K races were not able to receive their cash prizes, trophies, medals, and supposed to be TIMEX Watches.

It was published that the cash prizes for the 21K Run are P 15,000; P 10,000; and P 5,000 for the First, Second, and Third Finishers, respectively. For the 10K Run—P 10,000 for the First Finisher; P 7, 500 for the 2nd Finisher; and P 5,000 for the 3rd Finisher. As for the 5K run, the Cash Prize ranges from P 5,000 to P 2,000 for the Top Three Finishers.

These cash prizes were supposed to be received by the winners during the awarding ceremony after the road race. But the Race Organizer did not give any of the published prizes to the winners as they were only called to proceed to the stage. And that was it! No medals, trophies, and even those prepared TIMEX Watches for the winners were not given.

A certain Christine Aguilar from Globe Telecom instructed the winners to proceed to the GLOBE Office at GLOBE TOWER on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 to get their cash prizes. This is not the usual norm in awarding of prizes for road races. Prizes are supposed to be given immediately after the race. These elite athletes are busy on their training during weekdays and they have to shell-out some money for their fares in going to the GLOBE office and back to their homes. The fact is that these athletes are in dire need of money. So, you can just imagine the frustration on the faces of these athletes as they go back to their homes after the race’s awarding ceremony.


15 thoughts on “Breach of Publicity @ GLOBE RUN FOR HOME?

  1. I’m with you, makes no sense to inconvenience the runners by having them have to go to the corporate office to pick up their prizes. Is this just inexperience on the side of the organizers? Maybe something they can improve upon in the future editions of the race. I hope so.


  2. beabear29

    Hi BR! 🙂

    I was looking for your booth this morning, coz I was gonna donate 2 pairs of shoes… Next time? I really couldn’t find it eh :p

    p.s. agree with your post above…


  3. maxrun

    Sir Jovie
    I have a several pairs of shoes donated by some runner friends whom i met at RUNNR. I actually asked them as they were running this morning to look for your booth which i think was not set up. Nontheless, the two persons who very generously gave the shoes were Bea Santiago and Julius Giron of RUNNR. Btw, will give the shoes to you at our track sessions at the UL.

    Bea and Julius many thanks for your kindheartedness and we look forward to seeing you around in the races. 😛


  4. Dear BR – I do not know exactly which department in Globe handled this race but it is very evident that they do not know the norm and on the same manner that they even had a RESERVE VIP Parking for Globe Executive and their guests in total disregard to paying/registered runners. Finishline as race organizers do not have the power to educate and/or advise the race sponsors Globe.


  5. kinderdorf

    I have always maintained that runners are customers who deserve to be treated fairly. We runners do not deserve a shabby treatment! This is sickening and atrocious to say the least.

    The winners deserve to get their prizes on race day and not any other day in the future. I see no reason why Globe and its organizers would postpone the awarding. It sucks!


  6. thejaywalkingcounsel

    Well sir, what do you expect, it’s globe! They said the results will be published within the day…but it’s still unpublished as I comment on this post. I thought globe would be more punctual for this event …but I guess it’s the same as their cellphone load…always late (but the bill arrives on time) !


  7. therunningninja


    Running couples Cris Sabal and Aileen came all the way from dasma cavite and were very frustrated when I asked them where’s their cash. Papalibre sana ko kahit burger lang hehehehe.. they were told to go to their office on Tuesday. I agree that this must not happen, our top athletes are not receiving much monetary help from the government then this is what they get from earning money from road races 😦

    The Running Ninja


  8. broj

    I agree with you sir jovie. The sponsors and organizer should be aware of the usual norm in awarding prizes. Bakit maghihintay pa ng ilang araw to receive the prizes. Saka akala ko may medals for the finishers, excited pa naman si Baby on her first half marathon.


    1. runningbeyondair

      Bro J,

      That was the same info that I got. It was mentioned to be a finishers trophy about 5-6inches tall. But when I reached the finish line, there was no trophy for the 21k finishers. We tried to ask the race officials but they don’t want to comment on that.


  9. sfrunner

    Jovie, this is inexcusable! In my opinion, it is a breach of contract! I only hope that Globe gets a ton of complaints on this one. I can fully understand Team Bald Runner and any other runner who won any money to be upset. Also, the fact that Globe didn’t even explain why is a mystery to me.

    I’ve always told myself when I’ve gone to a race that is run by a corporation that any runner and myself are the customers. If the customers aren’t being treated as such, there are other races that I (and other runners) can attend


  10. rayabe

    Magandang umaga BR!

    Nakakalungkot marinig ang balitang ito. Maraming sintunadong bagay/pangyayari ang ginawa/naganap sa patakbong ito. Ipinagmamalaki pa naman ng isa sa mga higanteng kompanya ng bansa ang makabagong teknolohiyang ginamit…


  11. I don’t understand what’s happening with this race, from registration all the way to the after race it is plagued by problems! Considering that it has a GLOBE and Ayala name associated with it. I think they should be the one to seek out the winners to give them their prize, not the other way around since it’s not the athletes’ fault. Even the medals weren’t given? I mean seriously, what is going on?


  12. runnerforchrist

    That’s why we, majority of runners here in Laguna will not be joining any race/s of FINISHLINE in the future. For we were not satisfied with the way they’re handling races. I was there in The great UP run, the last TNF in Sacobia and the PTAA race and I saw how they mishandled those races and all of my running buddies can attest to that.

    I think it’s a wake up call now that runners will consider first the Organizer’s reputation before they join certain races regardless whether it’s a prominent company or not.

    I’m saddened by the news and I feel sorry for those runners.
    I’m hoping that Globe and finishline can make up for their shortcomings (AGAIN!!!)…including those trashes AT lawton Avenue..

    God bless you.


  13. gailcons

    This is so unexpected from a company like Globe and an organizer like Finishline. I was also disappointed that the free P300 load that supposedly came with the registration was not available during the claiming of the race kits nor was it available during the day of the race. They said that they’ll just post it online on how to claim the load. How inconvenient!

    I do think that Globe wanted full control of the prepaid credits which will be given away plus the cash prizes as well. What I don’t understand was the lack of trophies and the Timex watches. Both the organizer and Globe should release a statement soon.


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