Attention, Coach Rio!

Please clean your mess and trash at the back of the Philippine Army Grandstand along Lawton Avenue! There is a lot of trash and used water & 100 Plus cups along the edge of Lawton Avenue.

I saw the cups littered when I had my 3-hour “runabout” early this morning as I passed Lawton Avenue.

Your staff at FINISHLINE should be able to act on this matter. Sana wala na naman “hugasan ng kamay” sa bagay na ito.

I am sorry, since you are the Race Organizer in yesterday’s GLOBE’s RUN FOR HOME Run, you should be responsible for keeping back the cleanliness of the streets immediately after the conduct of the race. I think this is very “basic”.

Note:I am glad the PULIS OYSTER personnel assigned to clean the Lawton Avenue was able to clean the trash few hours ago.

Breach of Publicity @ GLOBE RUN FOR HOME?

Is there a word like “Breach of Publicity”? I know, there is such word like “Breach of Promise” or “Breach of Contract”.

In today’s GLOBE RUN FOR HOME, the members of the Team Bald Runner and other elite runners who won in the top rankings in the 21K, 10K and 5K races were not able to receive their cash prizes, trophies, medals, and supposed to be TIMEX Watches.

It was published that the cash prizes for the 21K Run are P 15,000; P 10,000; and P 5,000 for the First, Second, and Third Finishers, respectively. For the 10K Run—P 10,000 for the First Finisher; P 7, 500 for the 2nd Finisher; and P 5,000 for the 3rd Finisher. As for the 5K run, the Cash Prize ranges from P 5,000 to P 2,000 for the Top Three Finishers.

These cash prizes were supposed to be received by the winners during the awarding ceremony after the road race. But the Race Organizer did not give any of the published prizes to the winners as they were only called to proceed to the stage. And that was it! No medals, trophies, and even those prepared TIMEX Watches for the winners were not given.

A certain Christine Aguilar from Globe Telecom instructed the winners to proceed to the GLOBE Office at GLOBE TOWER on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 to get their cash prizes. This is not the usual norm in awarding of prizes for road races. Prizes are supposed to be given immediately after the race. These elite athletes are busy on their training during weekdays and they have to shell-out some money for their fares in going to the GLOBE office and back to their homes. The fact is that these athletes are in dire need of money. So, you can just imagine the frustration on the faces of these athletes as they go back to their homes after the race’s awarding ceremony.