Attention, Coach Rio!

Please clean your mess and trash at the back of the Philippine Army Grandstand along Lawton Avenue! There is a lot of trash and used water & 100 Plus cups along the edge of Lawton Avenue.

I saw the cups littered when I had my 3-hour “runabout” early this morning as I passed Lawton Avenue.

Your staff at FINISHLINE should be able to act on this matter. Sana wala na naman “hugasan ng kamay” sa bagay na ito.

I am sorry, since you are the Race Organizer in yesterday’s GLOBE’s RUN FOR HOME Run, you should be responsible for keeping back the cleanliness of the streets immediately after the conduct of the race. I think this is very “basic”.

Note:I am glad the PULIS OYSTER personnel assigned to clean the Lawton Avenue was able to clean the trash few hours ago.


3 thoughts on “Attention, Coach Rio!

  1. idnod

    Good point BR … though we all have a part in keeping our roads clean the organizer will have to pick up (pun intended) the trash left behind.

    And to runners out there, do your part by making an effort to ditch your cups, empty gel packets, energy bars etc on the side of the road or better yet the nearest trash bin. This is also in consideration to other runners and most of all the general public.

    As BR would put it … it’s very basic.

    Cheers BR run stronger!!!


  2. schlagger

    sadly, the organizers are not only to blame for all the thrash from the race… as idnod pointed, a good number of runners to throw their cups a good distance away from stations. but aside from the cups, something elso caught my attention…

    all of the seemingly competitive runners (with their expensive running gear, tri-suits/compression tights, oakley shades, and the works) that i encountered just threw their empty gel/bar packets in the middle of the road. is it too much to just store them in their belts and just throw them later?


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