Meeting With Jim Lafferty

I finally met the CEO of Procter & Gamble Philippines in a lunch meeting at the California Pizza Kitchen, Glorietta last Friday. I really admire this guy for being straight, frank, sincere, and honest to his words. Listening his accomplishments and the things he is presently doing in the field of athletics as a coach and athlete made me conclude that he really means what he had written in his response to the incident that happened to me last Sunday’s MILO 42K Marathon Eliminations.

All is well that ends well. The lunch meeting I had with him will be the start of more meetings to come as we both have so many things to discuss in connection with our passion and love to the sports we love…which is running.

Finally, I met a man who has the (same as mine) desire and sincerity to help for the Philippines to have its first Gold Medal in the Olympic Games in the sports of Athletics.

Mabuhay ka, Jim Lafferty!!!

A Handshake...
A Handshake...
Lunch @ CPK & Conversation While Eating
Lunch @ CPK & Getting To Know While Eating
More Exchange of Ideas After Lunch
More Exchange of Ideas After Lunch
Jim Lafferty & Bald Runner
Jim Lafferty & Bald Runner
Jim Lafferty, Nina Gallego, Coach Titus Salazar, & BR
Jim Lafferty, Nina Gallego of P & G, Coach Titus Salazar, & BR

Note: Details of our conversation will be posted on later posts.

One thought on “Meeting With Jim Lafferty

  1. neilbarrios

    I really admire you two. Such great gentlemen! People we really need in this sport that we so love. It just shows how you guys really love running.

    We hope to see you guys involved together in our first Gold Medal.

    Hats off to both of you, Mr. Lafferty and Sir Jovie!


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