Rick Gaston: The Ultratrail Runner

I happened to “virtually” meet Rick Gaston through the blogsite of Ronnie aka Runner For Christ in his Comment section and later started to read his blogsite at Blogger, only to find out that he is a “hardore” and the “best” Pinoy ultra trail runner guy residing in California. I started making comments in his blog and later, we started reading each other’s blog and leaving comments in every post published.

Knowing my advocacies in running, we continued to communicate through e-mails and I was happy to receive a news of his willingness to help other runners in the country. He immediately sent a boxful of  finisher’s t-shirts, jackets, runner’s apparel, runner’s caps and ultrarunning magazines. Most of the shirts are still brand-new.

Rick, in his latest ultrarunning competition, he finished the San Diego 100-Mile Endurance Run last 6-7 June 2009 with a record time of 20:00:25 hours, missing at least 25 seconds for a sub-20 hours, placing him 6th Overall out of 82 Finishers. He also finished the Miwok 100K Run in 46th overall among 260+ finishers which was held on the first Saturday of May 2009 on a rainy and wet condition. Rick has also been active as volunteer/pacer/crew to new ultra runners and ultra races in the Pacific Coast Trail Events in Northern California.

In the box he sent, he enclosed a personal letter and copies of Ultrarunning Magazine. I am going to publish in this post the letter he sent to me.

Greetings Sir Jovie

I’m glad to be able to donate these items for you. My mother has politely declined to receive any more race gears so I’ve been collecting shirts, jackets and other pieces of gear for the last 3-4 years. I’ve been successful in giving some away but not all.

The Lord has outfitted me with all that I need to be successful in this sport and I am thankful and more than willing to share the extras. I race 10-12 events a year and I volunteer to just about as many, as you can imagine I tend to accumulate stuff. I don’t donate used shoes however because when I’m done with them the bottom are tattered and ruined from the trail. I am also a pronator and wear out the outer edges, thereby changing the mechanics of the shoe which would alter the way someone walks or runs and possibly cause them injury.

Again thanks for the opportunity to donate these items. I’m happy to be able to donate clothing to another ultra-marathoner’s foundation. Besides being a capable runner yourself, you are a great ambassadoe and mentor for the sport. One who is constantly spreading the good news about running, participating in workshops, run clinics, offering critical analysis of the races and their organizers in Manila, a sponsor of running teams and a race director of an ultra-marathon. I wish you and your family further success in this great sport.


Rick Gaston

Hereunder are the pictures of the box and some of the items sent by Rick Gaston.

Box From Rick Gaston
Box From Rick Gaston
Some of the Contents, New Shirts, Once Used Shirts & Others
Some of the Contents, New Shirts, Once Used Shirts & Others

3 thoughts on “Rick Gaston: The Ultratrail Runner

  1. Wow, what can I say to this? Thank you for all the kind words. It is my pleasure Sir Jovie. I enjoy meeting other runners, sharing what I know, what I have. Just how we roll in this sport. As Gary Wang just commented on Facebook: It’s what our sport is all about – aloha, kokua and ohana. Most know what aloha means but Kokua translates as the act of helping and bringing aid and Ohana translates as family, kin group or extended family. I agree whole heartedly. As for the recent accomplishments. I’ve been working harder and it’s showing. I’m not the fastest or the strongest but I’m having just as much fun as everyone else.

    I enjoy reading your blog and reading about runners and events in the Philippines. I am thankful for all the Pinoy bloggers, I get a taste of the running scene in the Philippines through all of you.

    At Western States this weekend there was a guy there with a shirt from the Bataan Memorial Death March in White Sands, New Mexico. I took a picture of his shirt and told him about you and your race. I’m spreading the word.


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