Active Recovery Run After Botak 42K

12 05 2009

After finishing the marathon race yesterday, I took time to hydrate, eat, and rest/sleep for the rest of the day. I was limping last night and it took me some time to walk straight this morning. I already knew what to do in order to relieve the pain on my legs, hips and lower back area within this day.

I need to have my active recovery run for 30 minutes within the day after the marathon race. At 7:30 PM, I went to the ULTRA Oval Track to have my recovery run. I actually did a 35-minute recovery run at an average pace of 6:40 minutes per kilometer. Surprisingly after doing my post stretching exercises, the pain and stiffness on my left hip and leg muscles had disappeared and I was able to walk without any limp and it was a relief to walk straight and step up on the stairs without any pain on my legs.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a 10-15K run at my 85% effort and hope to be back again on my training for my future road and trail races.




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12 05 2009

did na rin my recover run. hope to return to ultra for some speed training next week. congratulations on your finish sir and good luck on your 2 upcoming races! 🙂

12 05 2009
Active Recovery Run After Botak 42K

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12 05 2009

Sir Jovie

Thanks for the support last sunday,I remembered the BDM 102 last april when we run the Guagua-San fernando stretch.You and your staff gave all the support and extend assistance to me.Sir BR you are very strong runner,a marathoner,ultramarathoner and a true hardcore runner and most of all you are a good person,thank you very very much Sir Jovie.

arman abalos

12 05 2009

Kakaingit naman kayo lahat. Congrats Br! Im still recovering from a pulled back muscle. Doc Eufemio said I can run and do yoga but for now, I’ll just rest it. Hopefully will see you guys on a regular basis starting next tuesday 🙂

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