Comment From A “Cavalier”

The following is a comment posted in our PMA Alumni E-Forum by one of its Members re-1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race:

“This is just to extend my personal appreciation and probably to create awareness among fellow cavaliers about this feat of a fellow cavalier, MGEN Jovenal NARCISE AFP (Ret), of organizing the first ever ultramarathon race in the country and timed to commemorate the infamous Death March in 1942. As it traces the route forced upon to the USAFFE forces by the invading Japanese Army, the distance covered 102 km.

I do not know who participated and if there are cavaliers other than MGEN Narcise himself. I guess that’s how it worked for Cav NARCISE, he just spearheaded the event without much fanfare or rethorics, uncharacteristic of some present day Filipinos who try to advocate some good or not-so-good things, especially our politicians, with all the media interviews, artistas, and even libreng pakain para lang may pumunta at masabing successful, hehehe! I believe ganon naman talaga dapat, if it is something good for mankind, you just have to do it and awareness will follow. For that my snappy salute to him!!!

I believe joining this bandwagon is good for all of us in terms of appreciating history and at the same time having a good lifestyle… running 102 kms could be very tough and gruelling indeed and it needs a lot of preparations.

So to all interested cavaliers, let’s try to be there next year and support this advocacy, kung hindi man makatakbo, probably we could lend support in some other ways!!! Sa mga nasa field, probably magandang talent ito para makapagpaalam umuwi sa Luzon and have a gruelling break from combat duties, hehehe!!!”

This was posted by a certain coblanks91 of the PnC

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