Marathon “Runabout” & “Kapit-Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig”

Tomorrow, March 8 is supposed to be the schedule for the first marathon race of the year for the yearly Pasig River Heritage Marathon. Runners were expecting this marathon to push thru since December but it was followed with a news last January that the race had to be postponed to a later date on the last quarter of this year due to lack of time to prepare the event.

As this was a chance for the participants of the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race to qualify for the requirement for each participant to finish at least one marathon finish, I deemed it necessary to push thru with this running event and encouraged (not required) the Bataan 102K participants to join this run as part of their training run in preparation for D-day on April 5.

Through the good ideas and planning expertise of Jonel aka Bugobugo85 and the Hardcore/Power Runners, we decided to have this run as a continuation of our regular “runabouts” in Metro Manila. Tomorrow’s “runabout” will be our 5th event where we started with only four (4) runners and steadily grew to 30+ “hardcore” runners in our last “runabout” to Antipolo.

Assembly time of our “runabout” will be at 4:30AM infront of the Oblation at the UP Dliman Campus. We will start at exeactly 5:00AM. The “runabout” will take the runners to Balara-Marikina Riverbanks-C-5-Exit to SLEX-go back to Heritage Park-Bayani Road-Lawton-The Fort Area-JP Rizal-Guadalupe-EDSA-Mandaluyong-Cubao-ABS-CBN Compound-Quezon Blvd-Quezon Circle-UP Diliman.

What is unique in this “runabout” is our plan to drop by the office of the ABS-CBN Foundaton to donate each participant’s share or contribution for the “Kapit-Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig”, a project of the ABS-CBN Foundation to revive the glory and clean water of the Pasig River. Since this run has no registration fees collected from each runner, I encourage each participant to contribute the equivalent amount for the registration fee to join a local marathon race for the said project (maybe , P300-P500 each). It is a part of the plan to collect such donation from each runner once we arrive at the ABS-CBN Foundation office. I am sure our contribution will create a big impact in our desire to clean the Pasig River.

For those who are new or “first timers” in our “runabouts”, this running event is a “group run”. The faster runners would wait for the slower ones in pre-designated points along the way. Each runner must have his own hydration belt or pack with her/him as we have our “pit stops” in every 12 to 15 kilometers to replenish our water bottles/packs and sometimes eat some food. Our favorite “pit stops” are Jollibee, 7-11, and MiniStop Convenience Stores. Each runner must have Cash as the run “pit stop’s” is strictly a “KKB” affair (“Kanya-Kanyang Bayad”).

After coordination with the Deputy Director of the ABS-CBN Foundation for the group to drop by their office as part of this “runabout” and see to it that somebody from the Foundation will be receiving the donation of the runners, this “runabout” is slowly becoming an “event to remember” for the participants and for the ABS-CBN Foundation. Why? The following are the reasons:

1) ABS-CBN is sending the TV Crew to cover this event starting at the Assembly Area, UP Diliman Campus and during the “runabout”.

2) The TV Crew will see to it that the runners will be “camcorded” running/crossing the Pasig River at C-5 and Guadalupe Bridges.

3) ABS-CBN Foundation had prepared a simple program/rites to welcome the runner-participants in their office compound.

4) As a gesture of our plan to donate our contribution to the project, ABS-CBN will be pinning logos/stickers to each of the runner-participants during the program.

5) ABS-CBN Foundation requested and prepared a “pit stop” for all the runners in their office compound.

6) Aside from the suggestion of Jonel aka Bugobugo85 to wear your “best” for this running event, runners are encouraged to wear yellow-colored running shirt, if you have any.

I hope the Hardcore/Power Runners and the participants of the Bataan 102K Ultramarathon will be able to join this 5th edition of our “Runabout in Metro Manila”. And let us have fun, laughter and nice stories to share during this run!

For those who would like to join us and be part of our effort to contribute in the “Kapit-Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig” project, you can join our run along the way and be with us at the ABS-CBN Foundation Office Compound.

Good luck to everybody! Mabuhay kayo at Mabuhay ang Ilog Pasig!

One thought on “Marathon “Runabout” & “Kapit-Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig”

  1. bugobugo

    thank you sir jovie for the surprise treats from channel 2.

    sama na po kayo dito sa mahaba-habang takbuhan,kuwentuhan at kasiyahan. if singapore was able to “resurrect” their own dead river,why can’t we filipinos? kaya din natin at hihigitan pa.


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