Reminder: Midnight To Sunrise Run

To all the participants of the Bataan 102K Ultramarathon Race on 05 April 2009, you are encouraged to join Albert aka Run2D Moon on his invitation for a Midnight to Sunrise Run/6-Hour Run. This will be a group run where the pace will be “talking pace” or 70% Lactate Threshold (to those who are attending BR’s “speed” training).

Bring your own Hydration pack and money as we will be having “pit stops” along the route for food, sports drinks, coffee, and water. Final coordination and briefing will be made prior to the start of the run at the assembly area. Good luck and see you at the assembly area.

The following is the update from Run2DMoon:

Midnight to Sunrise Practice Run UPDATE

Meeting Point: Bluewave Macapagal (in front of Starbucks) Feb 7 (Saturday) 11:30PM

Start: Feb 8 (Sunday) 00:00AM
End: Feb 8 (Sunday) 06:00AM

Route: Macapagal-Seaside Blvd-CCP-Baywalk-Quirino Grandstand

One thought on “Reminder: Midnight To Sunrise Run

  1. Greetings to all,
    I had a blast running with all of you. I arrived Fri night and still getting my body to adjust. Shazam…found Run2DMoon run. It’s nice to know that ultramarathon has arrived in the Phils. I was thrilled all the way talking/running with everyone. You’re all on the right track. It’s not the distance that would kill you, it’s the pace that kills. My strategy has always been to start slow (even start my walk early), then slowly pick up my pace. Ultra is 2/3 physical. The other 1/3 is purely mental toughness. Expect down times. Your mental prep will get you overcome this. Just remember once you enter the dark world of ultras, it would be on your veins forever. It’s difficult but the feeling is priceless at the finish line.



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