To: All Ultramarathon Runners; An Invitation

To those runners who have reserved a slot or had registered for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race, you are invited and highly encouraged to join Albert aka Run2Dmoon for an scheduled “long run” as he sent this invitation in the Comment page at

Hi to all fellow runners joining this race!

Anyone up for a 6-hour run practice?
This is a midnight to sunrise gig.

Location: MOA Seaside Blvd. (C-loop – 6km/loop)
Time: 12am-6am
Date: Jan. 31 (Sat) and Feb. 7 (Sat)

Note: This is not an organized practice.
There are gas stations (Jetti or Shell) for water breaks. Mcdo and YellowCab if you get hungry.

Albert aka Run2Dmoon

The “Hardcore-Concerned” Runners would like to join this invitation but they have an scheduled “Runabout” on the early morning of February 1, thus, making them unavailable on the first scheduled invitation. However, we (Bald Runner & Staff) have initially made some arrangements already in joining the scheduled run on the Midnight of February 7 up to 6:00 AM of February 8. I am sure that the other “Hardcore-Concerned” Runners will be joining also in this running practice.
To all the “Hardcore-Concerned & Power Runners” and those interested future ultra marathon runners, let us join Albert in this “practice run”. 

4 thoughts on “To: All Ultramarathon Runners; An Invitation

  1. Sir BR.

    Thanks for posting this practice. So far, there’s only 1 who has given intention in joining me this coming Saturday (Jan 31) but he’s still not sure if he can make it. I’ll still push thru with this practice even if i’ll be alone. Just to clarify, the practice date is (Saturday) Jan 31-00:00hr to Jan 31-06:00hr. But if there is anyone who wants to move it on Sunday 00:00hr to Sunday 06:00hr, i’ll be happy to reschedule it.

    For those who want to join, you can park at McDo/Mercury Drug at Macapagal, then proceed to seaside blvd.

    I’ll be sporting a blue hydration pack and howling at the moon.

    BTW, what’s the route of your upcoming runabout?



    • albert, definitely, the hardcores will not be able to join you on the 31st of Jan because of the scheduled “runabout” on 01 Feb. The “runabout” will start infront of the Oblation, UP Diliman Campus at exactly 5:30AM (jump-off time) and we’ll measure the Marcos Highway. You are invited in this “runabout”. Just bring with you your hydration system and money. Good luck on your 31st Jan early dawn run. However, we’ll be with you on the 8th Feb early dawn run at the MOA loop.


  2. BR,

    May power runners na din pala. Who are the members? I know who the hardcore and concerned peeps are. hahaha

    Seriously, Im feeling a bit low at times since I have to take a mandatory rest from running. My only cardio so far is doing pull ups unit my arms get sore. I started with indoboard yesterday to workout my knee and ankle. Im getting my mri tomorrow 6am at medical city. Hopefully they will see no tear or damage to my knee. Ankle is clear already, just needs rest as well.

    You guys be careful this sunday, be safe.


    • mark, you met already the members of the Power Runners—they are the PTs from Gold’s Gym. Just take a rest and we’ll be waiting for you.


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