Latest Donors: Project Donate A Shoe

Javy Javier  and his share for the Project
Jody Jacinto and his share for the Project

 I’ve known Jody since the later part of  November last year when he inquired about the Team Bald Runner’s “speed” training while he was having his workout at ULTRA. I later found out that he is a friend of the early students of the speed training and he is also a triathlete who wants to improve his speed in running.

"Chuchay" Donated Two Pairs
Chuchay Maronilla Donated Two Pairs

After the NB PowerRun 25K in Clark Freeport, I’ve heard the name “Chuchay” from the lady members of Team Bald Runner as well as from runner-bloggers who described her to be a very fast runner and a “beauty” who deserves a “second look” from everybody whenever she joins a road race. Well, what I’ve heard about her were confirmed when I saw her doing her running workouts and later donated two pairs of her slightly used running shoes last night at the ULTRA Oval Track.

Jerry Kurendeng of Indonesia aka High Altitude
Jerry Kurendeng of Indonesia aka High Altitude

 After heeding to my “joke” for any member of the Hardcore-Bandit Runners to donate their shoes if I could pass anyone of them along the way during last November’s MILO Finals Marathon, Jerry aka High Altitude seriously considered my “joke” and he donated his Mizuno running shoes after arriving from his Christmas vacation in Indonesia after staying for 5 years in the Philippines. You should check his latest running adventures in Bandung, Indonesia in his blog at

Javy & Ana
Javy & Ana

Javy aka Tri’n Hard/Positive Split and Ana Olives of  Team Bald Runner donated seven (7) pairs of shoes to my Project Donate A Shoe after our speed training session at the ULTRA Oval Track last January 6, 2009. Javy has greatly improved his speed in running after a month of speed training with the Team Bald Runner. He is presently a competitive triathlete. Check out his blogsite at

To all the latest donors to this project, thank you very much for supporting this project and please don’t forget to always wear the “ONE” wristband (  I gave to you, to signify that you are part in the worldwide advocacy “to fight poverty and make it a history”.

6 thoughts on “Latest Donors: Project Donate A Shoe

  1. Hi, Sir BR.

    I wish to donate shoes too.

    Capt. Espejo texted me that you shall have a booth on the 18th, and PSE Bull Run?

    See you there then po. I shall bring several pairs for donation to your noteworthy cause.

    Btw, I’ve been an avid reader of your blog. Very insightful and inspiring. Helped me too when I did my first marathon in Singapore last December. I’m thinking of joining your speed training sessions too, maybe the ones on Saturdays.

    Maraming salamat!


  2. bakit AKO? i am a man for others because i care.we care.we are-men for others!concerned for other people’s welfare.enough said idols! ; )


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